Former ice skating champion Roman Kostomarov in serious condition after stroke

The health conditions of Russian figure skating legend Roman Sergeevich Kostomarov are increasingly dramatic. The former champion, who retired in 2006, was hospitalized last January 10 for pneumonia, which was followed by very serious circulation problems which made it necessary to amputate his legs and some fingers.

Second cerebral hemorrhage

In the night between Monday and Tuesday, Kostomarov suffered a stroke and is now in intensive care and undergoing plasmapheresis, blood purification following an infection. According to the Russian agency Ria Novosti it would be the second cerebral hemorrhage suffered by the former skating champion since he was hospitalized and Kostomarov would now be in critical condition, given that he could hardly survive a new operation.

Gold at the Turin 2006 Olympics

Kostomarov has been a true legend in her own sport, having won gold at the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics, two world golds, three European golds and one bronze, and three golds and one silver in the Grand Prix. Having finished his competitive career after the 2006 Olympic Games, Kostomarov did not hang up his skates, continuing to perform in various shows.