Former mayor Roccabernarda attacked after reprimanding the two 17-year-olds arrested

The two boys are accused of attempted multiple murder and trespassing

The attack on the former mayor of Roccabernarda (Kr), Francesco Coco, which took place in the night between Saturday and last Sunday in the backyard at the hands of two 17-year-olds, would have as a motive, according to sources to AdnKronos, the reproaches that Coco , a retired non-commissioned officer of the carabinieri, he would have done to the two boys who went crazy in minicars around the country. The two boys, for whom yesterday the Catanzaro Juvenile Court ordered custody in a juvenile institution in the capital, are accused of attempted multiple murder and trespassing.

The two minors had made use of the right not to answer, but to frame them there would be the images acquired by the video surveillance cameras. The hypothesis that the former mayor’s reproaches are behind the attack would have emerged yesterday at the hearing. The other hypothesis, which made its way immediately after the beating, is that the former mayor was attacked because of his battles against organized crime. One of the two boys, in fact, is the grandson of a top member of a local ‘Ndrangheta coterie.

But according to sources AdnKronos, the boy would never have been drawn from precautionary measures or subjected to investigations, therefore the hypothesis that the two acted on commission to “take revenge” on a former mayor harsh against the gangs would not have found solid footholds so far. If the two boys violently attacked Coco, as it seems, the motive would therefore be different from that connected to organized crime. Meanwhile, the conditions of the former mayor are improving.