Former mayor ‘sheriff’ Gentilini: “Beccaglia is right, another thing if donna sculetta”

First-hour league member on Covid says: “Vaccine must be mandatory. And with a Roman salute, less contagions”

“I completely censor what happened to the journalist outside the stadium, that girl is right.” Giancarlo Gentilini, former mayor ‘sheriff’ of Treviso, interviewed by AdnKronos does not hesitate to take the side of Greta Beccaglia, the sports journalist who has ended up at the center of the news of these hours for the sexual harassment suffered, while he was during a live television broadcast, at end of a Serie A football match. “I – recalls Gentilini – I was a lawyer for 40 years and the mayor for 10, I never allowed myself to touch anyone’s hair, I believe that at work no such gestures are allowed, which are contrary to mine gospel which is ‘God, country and family’ “.

In 2012, in March, as deputy mayor in Treviso, Gentilini, however, had attracted the ire of feminists for having downplayed a similar episode, when a woman, near the train station, was made the object of a gesture similar to that suffered by journalist Beccaglia: “I don’t remember saying that a simple pat on the butt is not an act of sexual violence,” Gentilini says today. Then he explains himself, making his distinctions: “If these things are accepted by the woman – he adds – then, however, it is another thing. I mean that if a woman shakes in front, and attracts the desire and the charge of the male, then we are out of the theme “of sexual violence. “If the abusive gesture – the former Northern League player specifies – is done in other situations, such as in the case of Empoli, it must be censored, let’s not confuse Jews and Samaritans, my grandparents said”.

Then he has his say on the topic of covid. Explaining to be for the mandatory vaccine, not without mentioning that the Roman salute he could have helped to stop the infections. “Is it difficult to force Italians to get vaccinated? I – he replies – would know how to do it, like when I put the celibacy tax in Treviso, those who did not marry paid a tax”. “Here – he underlines – I would make those who do not vaccinate against covid pay a fine of one thousand euros a year, so we can also heal Italian finances, because touching the wallet is the only argument that can convince those who do not want to. make the serum “.

“Mussolini – he remembers – then chose a greeting from the past, which did not bring contagions, and perhaps many infections – he continues, referring to the current situation of the covid – would also have been avoided if there had still been that way of saying goodbye. greetings from today’s Rome … “.