Former star of Amici’s most loved revolutionizes everything: this is how it has become today

Ex Amici changes everything, his life was full of successes, but the turning point happened right now: he took everything in hand, and blossomed!

Canale 5 is like a second home for viewers who review Friends ex return to success, or rather get what they deserve. The branded program Mediaset and led by the presenter and producer champion of shares and ratings, Maria DeFilippi, has always been very followed by the public at home, for better or for worse. In fact, it has often happened that we no longer hear the name of some loved faces, but who in reality would have deserved much more. To date, after so many yearswe return to talk about a star in all respects.

ex of friends what are you doing today ( Credits: @wittytv @amiciufficiale)- Sologossip

Those who have followed the editions have also been able to see how many things have changed. Let’s say that you don’t necessarily need to see the episodes of the first editions of Friends to recognize some important differences for alumni. In fact, it suffices to recall, for example, that there was a year in which the public became familiar with the faces of certain teachers, who now return from time to time as a special guest, see Garrison, but also the selection methods themselves and the mechanisms of the format. There is one student who is too good to be forgotten.

Amici’s ex is back in the limelight, he finally has what he deserves

We just have to admit it, Friends of Maria De Filippi welcomed and continues to do so, students ed former talents that you hear about. In the past, the program was much more like a full-fledged school. Even today there are lessons and exams, but it’s there more interest in promoting their own individuals or to select dancers from established companies, rather than learning to sing or dance from a mediocre foundation.

In fact, if in the past there were false notes and so on. To date, the songs of emerging young people are starting to be heard in the program, and to see dancers ready for the world of entertainment. Given the generational change, one would say that Friends’ exes from the past have disappeared. In reality there is such a great and sometimes little-recognized talent that has managed to return to success.

former Friends Antonino Spadaccino winner of Tale and Which Show
ex of friends Antonino Spadaccino ( Credits: @antonino.real)- Sologossip

We are talking about Antonino Spadaccino singer with amazing vocal skills who won the fourth edition of Friends of Maria De Filippi. It has always been recognized as a talent, but despite the love of the public, the consents, and the emotions he brings to the stage thanks to his skill, he has only now returned to success. Over the years he has released albums and singles, but the question is: how is it today? Keep singing, won Tale and Which Show, program by Carlo Conti in which the contestants show off their singing and acting skills.

Today he is no longer 21 years old, but 38 and has shown that be a performer, and that talent never goes out of style, despite streaming and current trends. In 2016 he also showed himself without the filters of contemporary society’s prejudices: he did it coming out, a liberating act. Antonino Spadaccino he is loved by all, and will have new hits waiting for him. The greatest talent? A crazy voice combined with the stubbornness of never giving up.