Formigli starts again with ‘Piazzapulita: “We will do a ‘fact-checking’ on government promises”

Romano Prodi is a regular guest, among the topics of the first episode are the Vannacci case and the Superbonus

“‘Piazzapulita’ is the longest-running prime time program on Italian TV. It has never changed its name or location since 2011, remaining true to itself. It is a hybrid talk show, which contains a variety of films, reports and investigations which few programs can boast, where there is in-depth work. An original mix between talks and films that is quite unique, and this nature of the program is a winner and cannot be changed.” Corrado Formigli thus presents, in an interview with Adnkronos, the 14th edition of ‘Piazzapulita’, starting tomorrow, Thursday 14 September, on La7, as usual starting at 9.15pm.

“And if the ‘format that wins doesn’t change’, there are many new features of the programme, starting from the faces that will be the protagonists. “We will have Romano Prodi as an exclusive novelty – Formigli announces – who will be a bit of a compass for our viewers on major world, economic, political events and Italian politics. He will be present in the studio not every week but on a regular basis”. Among the other faces of the program that we will see this year “Michele Serra, another novelty, and then we will find Tito Boeri, the director of ‘Domani’ Emiliano Fittipaldi, Mario Calabresi, Francesco Borgonovo and Francesco Specchia for the two most widespread right-wing newspapers, ‘La Verità’ and ‘Libero’, Alessandra Sardoni”, quotes the presenter among others.

This year too, there will be “the ‘melonometer’ to monitor government activity – underlines Formigli to Adnkronos – to which we will add some columns aimed at fact-checking the government’s promises”. There will be “particular care to monitor the government’s promises, especially now that the first real economic maneuver completely by Meloni is approaching”, assures the host. Who, as he anticipated yesterday to Adnkronos, has already sent a message to Prime Minister Meloni to invite her to the broadcast, without receiving a reply at the moment.

In the first episode ‘Piazzapulita’ starts again with the ‘hot’ topics, from the Vannacci case to the Superbonus, “a balance sheet on the Meloni government” and “we will have a high-quality reportage from St. Petersburg which will show the side of the war on the Russian side”, he announces Formigli at Adnkronos.

The creator of ‘Piazzapulita’ will ‘double up’ in January: the host will in fact create and take care of the new La7 investigative program ‘100 minutes’, “made by me with Alberto Nerazzini – says the host himself – It will be totally distinct from ‘Piazzapulita’ ‘, will have a completely separate theme song, sets, graphics, studio and authors.” A new creation from La7 which will have “another weekly placement yet to be decided”, he explains.

(by Ilaria Floris)