Forspoken, the first extra content comes out in May

The DLC, In Tanta We Trust, is set 25 years before the main game

Square Enix has announced additional content for Forspoken, the action game released this year on PS5 and PC. Players will be able to return to the lands of Athia as Frey Holland with the new downloadable content (DLC) of the story, Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust, arriving on May 26, 2023 on both platforms. The story-focused DLC will act as a prequel to the main game and takes place 25 years before the events of Forspoken. In the press release accompanying the announcement, Square Enix thus describes the narrative plot of the additional content: “Continuing his search for a way to eradicate the Ruin from Athia once and for all, Frey finds himself following a mysterious voice that leads to a place that somehow transports her to Rheddig’s Purge, the legendary battle that devastated Athia and drove the Tanthas to madness.Accompanied by Tantha Cinta and a new set of magical abilities, Frey must discover the answers and save Athia one more time and try to save herself.” Players will fight alongside Tantha Cinta using Frey’s new magical ability to unlock new combat strategies and coordinate attack combos. Players who purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition of Forspoken will receive early access to the story DLC on May 23, 2023. Players who own the main game will be able to purchase the DLC separately.