Fortnite, the bosses and the collaboration with Lego are arriving

The launch of Chapter 5 comes at a busy time for Fortnite: the game received a huge boost in popularity with the release of Fortnite OG in November

Fortnite is about to dive into the underground world with the arrival of the new season called “Underground”. Following Saturday’s “The Big Bang” event, which saw the destruction of Chapter 4’s island, the popular battle royale game will introduce a number of new features. The new season, called Chapter 5: Season 1, will bring with it a completely renovated island that includes several new locations such as a working railway, luxurious villas and a new green area. Additionally, players will also find large snow-covered areas. One of the main gameplay innovations will be the presence of five bosses scattered across the island, including a surprising character: Peter Griffin. Defeating these bosses will allow players to earn a medallion that offers the benefit of regenerating shields over time, but with a twist: those who own a medallion will be visible on the map to other players.

Other new features include an SUV to drive, a ballistic shield that allows you to shoot while defending yourself, the ability to move while healing or restoring shields, and the ability to modify weapons in specific areas of the island. Furthermore, a new category of in-game cosmetics has been introduced: now you will be able to customize not only characters and weapons, but also vehicles, choosing between various bodies, stickers and wheels. For owners of this season’s battle pass, there will be the opportunity to unlock all new bosses, a new version of Jones and, later in the season, Solid Snake.

On Saturday, Epic announced an upcoming gaming experience called Lego Fortnite, part of an ongoing partnership, described as a “survival and crafting” game that will launch within Fortnite on December 7. The collaboration also extends to the game’s skins, with the majority of existing skins – over 1,200 according to Epic – will include a Lego-style option. The launch of Chapter 5 comes at a very busy time for Fortnite. The game received a huge boost in popularity with the release of Fortnite OG in November, which brought back the original island and many of the fan-favorite locations, items, and characters. According to Epic, this led to the biggest day in the game’s history, with over 44 million players on November 4th. All of this culminated with Saturday’s “The Big Bang” live event, which not only featured the destruction of Chapter 4’s island, but also featured a virtual Eminem concert.