Forza Italia, Berlusconi still ‘owner’ of the party

In 2022 there is still a debt to the Cav of 90 million

Forza Italia’s accounts in the red are improving, even if only slightly, thanks to a surplus of 1 million 323 thousand euros. According to the latest balance sheet, closed on 31 December last year, Silvio Berlusconi, who disappeared a month ago, is still the main creditor of the party and in fact the sole owner, who continues to ‘save’ the finances of his political creature with over 90 million euros ‘lent’ in the past. In fact, the “total debts” read in the minutes viewed by Adnkronos of the meeting of the Presidential Committee held on June 13 in Via in Lucina (after the death of the blue leader), “is equal to 98 thousand 472.791 euros ” and “the most significant amount included in this last item” is represented, as in previous years, by the so-called ‘payables to other lenders’ for 90 million 433 thousand 600 euros: this figure constitutes the debt to President Berlusconi, “who having proceeded to pay off the previous debts existing towards the banks, which had granted a loan to our Movement, as guarantor, he took over the position of creditor”.

In particular, the interest expense accrued on debts to the former prime minister is zero: “On the principal amount paid, following the express waiver, interest calculated at the legal rate in force will no longer be calculated annually”, reads the document . Cav’s younger brother, Paolo, is also helping the party. The item “Guarantees (pledges, mortgages) to/from third parties” in fact includes an amount of 7 million relating to guarantees, issued in previous years, for 3 million by the chairman Silvio Berlusconi and for 4 million by Dr. Paolo Berlusconi “against the credit lines granted by a bank to our Movement”, is explained in the explanatory note accompanying the report. Papers in hand, payables to banks amount to 5 million 642 thousand 669 euros, an increase of 334 thousand 162 euros compared to the previous year.


The ‘defaulting’ knot remains for Forza Italia. Sifting through the latest balance sheet of the blue party, relating to the year 2022, the painful notes arrive when we speak of the payments of the elected into the coffers of the party: a flow of money that the political creature founded by Silvio Berlusconi has a great need but which it has difficulty ‘flowing’ as it should. Last year, for example, there was if not an escape, almost. “Compromising the result of the typical management and maintaining the suffering financial situation of our Movement has contributed to the insufficient inflow of the generality of contributions and membership fees compared to what was expected”, writes the former treasurer Alfredo Messina, now a member of the Presidential Committee of Fi, according to which “the reduction of elected parliamentarians as well as the discontinuity of payments from them and from the regional councilors of our Movement represent the primary cause of the negative result of the characteristic management”.

In the balance sheet, viewed by Adnkronos, the Azzurri record a “decrease in the inflow of membership fees” of about 30% compared to last year, while “the collection of contributions is more than doubled in relation to the year 2021; collection – reads the report – coming mainly from third party supporters who supported the Movement in the electoral campaigns supported in 2022”. In detail, the membership fees are recorded for 251,658 euros, or 112,337 euros less than in the previous year when the amount was equal to 363,995 euros.


132 thousand euros. The cost of renting the national headquarters of Forza Italia located in Via in Lucina 17, in Rome, cost so much in 2022, according to what we read in the 2022 report. The year in which the political movement founded by Silvio Berlusconi recorded overall charges for 4 million 787,493 euros, an increase of 59% compared to 2021. In detail, the costs for services amounted to 785,139 euros, in line with those incurred last year, such as expenses for the use of third-party assets which amounted to 268,377 euros and are essentially unchanged. The latter item includes the location of the national headquarters. Personnel costs, on the other hand, amounted to 1 million 134,596 euros.