Forza Italia, Berlusconi: “We are decisive in Lombardy as in the national government”

“Fontana results very positive, re-nominated with full merit”

“We of Forza Italia have participated with conviction and in a decisive way in the Government of the Region in these five years of great commitment. And this participation allows us to ask for the vote for Forza Italia and for President Fontana with our heads held high”. Thus Silvio Berlusconi, speaking with a video appeal on social networks in view of the next regional ones in Lombardy.

“In the government of Lombardy as in the national government we have been and are an essential and decisive component. We are the liberal, Catholic, and guarantor center. We are the heirs of the great Catholic-liberal tradition of Lombardy. And we are pro-European and linked to the West , because Europe and the Atlantic Alliance share our system of values, our model of society, our idea of ​​freedom”, underlines the leader of Forza Italia.

“Our candidate to lead the Region is still Attilio Fontana, the governor who has led the Region in these difficult years with very positive results. We have re-nominated him with full merit and I am sure that the Lombard voters will once again want to rely on his experience, to his competence, to his great working capacity and why not, to his discreet and elegant style”, says Berlusconi.