Forza Italia, Schifani: “I welcome Cancelleri with pleasure”

The former grillino at the Forza Italia convention organized in Palermo

“Forza Italia is an open party, as we are with Giancarlo Cancelleri who was an opponent of style and whom I welcome. Cancelleri was an opponent of Musumeci but he did it with style, a politician who was at his institutional place in the interest of Sicily”. Thus the president of the Sicilian Region Renato Schifani in his speech at the Forza Italia convention organized at the Politeama theater in Palermo. A statement that was greeted with applause from the audience. Cancelleri, a former grillino, sitting in the second row, stood up and thanked. In recent days, the former government minister Conte has announced his farewell to the pentastellati.

Alessandro Di Battista’s post was very harsh: “In these hours Cancelleri (who abandoned the Movement not for political reasons but only because they did not allow him to run once again) is participating in the Forza Italia convention in Palermo. Perhaps this is the What evolution have I failed to understand? Look. Cancelleri is sitting behind Schifani. I remember what he said both publicly and privately about Schifani himself. What an unworthy parable. I would be ashamed as a thief in his place”.