Forza Italia, Tajani ‘blind’ party machine

Your loyal Battistoni towards organization. Gasparri confirmed local authorities and Cattaneo as departments

Barring last-minute surprises, tomorrow a new party organization manager will be appointed to the Forza Italia national secretariat in place of Gregorio Fontana: Francesco Battistoni, deputy from Montefiascone in the province of Viterbo, an iron Tajanian, elected in the Marches. The former Undersecretary for Agriculture in the Draghi government would perhaps occupy the most weighty box in the party organization chart among the positions of ‘sector manager’, which marks the internal political geography of the party in an even more governmental sense after the leader’s disappearance Silvio Berlusconi.

Another important box, that of national manager of the Departments sector (at present there are 25 according to the Forza Italia website but the list will certainly be updated), will remain in the hands of Alessandro Cattaneo. Maurizio Gasparri should also be confirmed as head of the local government sector. The ‘Communication and image’ would remain where Alberto Barachini, current publishing undersecretary, and ‘Training’ should be confirmed. At the moment it is not known whether the position of head of relations with allies will remain standing, which according to the party website is still held by the group leader in the Senate, Licia Ronzulli.

They then say that Tajani is considering giving an up grade (i.e. the appointment of sector manager) to the card manager, Marta Fascina’s loyalist, Tullio Ferrante, undersecretary for transport, and to the electoral campaign manager, the Tajanese, Alessandro Battilocchio . Tomorrow the national secretary should announce the date of the national congress, which could be held between February and March, before the European ones.