Four climbers stuck on the wall rescued

The technicians of the Sicilian Alpine and Speleological Rescue intervened in San Vito Lo Capo (Trapani) to rescue four Polish climbers who were stuck on a wall of Monte Monaco, about 200 meters from the ground. The four, three men and a woman, had raised the alarm when, while descending after having climbed a route (“Golden Dreams”) with a high degree of difficulty, they were no longer able to continue or go back up. In particular, one of them had remained hanging 150 meters from the ground, while descending by “double rope”. At this point his three companions, also fearing the onset of darkness, called the Single Emergency Number 112. The 118 center then requested the intervention of the Alpine Rescue which brought thirteen technicians to the scene. A team of Sass specialists climbed the wall along a parallel “route”, arriving above the climbers. They were unharmed but visibly scared. The Alpine Rescue technicians brought them down one at a time, placing them safely on the ground, where they were assisted by a SASS doctor and the 118 health workers who arrived on site to check their health conditions. The operations ended around 10.30pm.