Frana Ischia, Conte: “It was not amnesty”. Renzi and Cottarelli on the attack

Bonelli: “Hydrogeological constraints touched upon”

“The one from 2018 it wasn’t a pardon at all“. The 5 Star leader interviewed on ‘Mezz’ora in più’ on Rai 3 rejects the accusations of those who indicate him, with the Morandi decree, as the author of the latest amnesty for illegal building in Ischia signed in Count 1, when he was in government with Matteo Salvini’s League.The issue is once again topical after the landslide that devastated the Casamicciola area on Ischia.

“We found ourselves faced with a total blockade. In Ischia – explains the 5 Star leader – we found ourselves with requests for amnesty for about 27 thousand homes out of about 60 thousand in total on the island. So it was necessary to speed up bogged down practices but it was not a amnesty – he reiterates – and there was no derogation from hydrogeological constraints. We tried to unblock a situation that was unmanageable but – he assures us – without derogating from any constraint”.

Words that raise figures of the current opposition. The first to attack hard is the leader of Italia Viva Matthew Renzi who on social media talks about “ranting statements“. “Conte says that the measure of Ischia was not an amnesty. Article 25 of his decree law – Renzi points out – explicitly speaks of procedures for amnesty in Ischia. Giuseppe Conte must be ashamed! To be ashamed for the amnesty of Ischia – attacks the leader of Iv – and for having closed the mission unit on hydrogeological instability. In 2018 we asked Conte to stop! There is a limit to decency: today he surpassed it.”

Certainly no more tender the ally and leader of Action, Charles Calenda according to which “Conte made a dangerous amnesty in Ischia and canceled the ‘Casa Italia’ mission unit for the sole reason that Matteo Renzi had established it. Both serious mistakes – he attacks -. But trying to make fun of Italians with style of speech guesswork it’s even worse.”

From the Pd Carlo Cottarelli intervenes limiting himself to reiterating that “the facts speak. The one made by the 5Stelle-Lega government in 2018 for Ischia was yet another building amnesty. The cards speak. The text of the law – Cottarelli reaffirms – speaks of amnesty. You can’t rewrite history at will depending on how the wind blows. Or are we still at: ‘Do you say this?'”, he ironically tweeted. politically looting babbling about amnesties and more. Truly a baseness that saddens,” he observes.

But the barrage of all the opposition team does not end. To further deny Conte also in terms of compliance with the constraints contained in the 2018 decree, is the leader of the Greens and spokesman of the Verdsi-Left Alliance, Angelo Bonelli: “I am sorry to specify – he underlines – that article 25 of the Morandi decree 2018 was essentially a new building amnesty and which provided for in paragraph 1 bis the disapplication of article 32 paragraph 27 which concerns hydrogeological constraintsinstead applying the non-pardonability to owners convicted of mafia, art. 27 letter a “.

And from More Europe the secretary Benedetto Della Vedova comments on Facebook: “The amnesties also for abuses in dangerous places such as that of the Conte government in Ischia in 2018 are a serious mistake because they encourage people to build where it is dangerous, pending new amnesties. Illegalism is increasing the risks and must be fought, not condoned”.