Frana Ischia, De Luca: “Speak clearly, in some areas you cannot live”

The governor on the Casamicciola tragedy: “Asked for a state of calamity. The priority now is to look for the people who are under the mud. It is foreseeable that there are other victims”

“We must have the courage to speak clearly to the citizens, I understand that it is not easy for administrators but we must decide. In some areas, for hydrogeological reasons, it is not possible to live“. Said the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, speaking to Rainews24, after the landslide that swept Casamicciola, on the island of Ischia. The governor explained that “as the Campania Region we have asked for a state of calamity. We expect the appointment of a government commissioner with regard to the hydrogeological aspect and we expect the resources necessary to complete the intervention in an additional way to the resources allocated by the Region”.

The priority now is to look for the people who are under the mud. It is foreseeable that there are some other victims“, De Luca said again, adding that there is also “the problem of 170 displaced people that we have to sort out because the return to the previous situations is unimaginable, both because many houses have been demolished and because the hydrogeological situation is what it is”.

The governor reaffirmed the position of the Campania Region on the issue of illegal use: “It is necessary to demolish the houses built on the banks of the rivers, in delicate and unsustainable hydrogeological areas, in areas with absolute restrictions, on state-owned areas or built by Camorra companies. there is the illegality of necessity, the social condition of necessity exists, but the illegality is always illegal. We must demolish these cases, then for the other thousands of illegal acts that we register, let’s see, instead of repeating the litany, to include them in recovery plans from have the Municipalities do so as to remedy the remediable situations, net of the non-remediable ones which must lead to demolitions”.

For De Luca “the interventions to organize a fragile territory such as the Italian one involve some assumptions: medium-long term policies, not 24-hour policies as has always been the case in Italy, massive and over ten-year allocations, public systems that work and are not non-existent and reduced to zero. It is useless to make this eternal litany, problems are solved when coherent choices are made. We have a new government and this tragedy becomes an opportunity to make these fundamental reflections, not to repeat unbearable liturgies. But I already take into account that between one month we will be left alone, Municipalities and Region, as happened with the earthquake”.

Then the complaint: “We have recorded what is usually recorded in Italy in the face of misfortunes, a double misfortune: in addition to the misfortune of earthquakes and avalanches of water and mud, we have the second misfortune which are the avalanches of words and declarations , of protagonisms of political figures who have absolutely nothing to do with them who want to be propaganda, but it is an almost inevitable liturgy in Italy”.