France, 24 year old Italian hit and killed in Nice

He was on vacation with a friend

A young man of 24, originally from Vigevano, in the province of Pavia, was hit and killed by a car in Nice, France. The news, released a few hours after the incident by ‘Nice-Matin’, was republished by ‘The Vigevanese informer’. The accident would have occurred at three in the morning, in front of the airport. According to the first reconstructions, the 24-year-old arrived in the French resort on vacation with a friend, would have been run over while crossing the pedestrian crossing on the Promenade des Anglais. Upon their arrival at the scene, the doctors would have found the young man already in cardiac arrest. Transported to the hospital in Nice, he would be died a few minutes after arriving in intensive care.

In shock, his friend, who allegedly witnessed the scene, was also rescued by the medical staff. The driver and passenger of the car, both in their fifties, would also be traumatized, albeit unharmed. Both were immediately heard by the police to clarify the dynamics of the incident.