France, 88-year-old in hospital with bomb in rectum: moments of fear in Toulon

Although the patient assured that the bullet was harmless, the bomb alarm went off and the bomb squad intervened while the man was being operated on

Bewilderment in a hospital in Toulon, when an 88-year-old presented himself in the emergency room with a grenade dating back to the First World War stuck in his anus. Even though the patient assured that the bullet was harmless, the bomb threat was triggered: the staff and management of the hospital center had to divert the arrival of new patients to other facilities and partially evacuate the hospital. The fire brigade and bomb squad were mobilized as a precaution.

According to Var-Matin, an information newspaper in south-eastern France, the man arrived at the Hospital Sainte Musse last Saturday asking for help because after using the bullet (20 centimeters long and 5-6 centimeters in diameter) to get pleasure, he was no longer able to extract it.

A surgeon then operated on the patient: the device was removed through the abdomen with surgery. An object that size “rarely goes out where it came in,” the surgeon told staff.

“The patient is in good health,” a health worker at the Var-Matin hospital said. The story predictably bounced on all French social networks. In an email, the management praised the attitude of the entire medical team in this singular situation. And the photo of the extracted artillery piece ended up on thousands of posts: “It was five or six centimeters in diameter by twenty in length”, the words of a witness. And one of his colleagues commented on the novelty of this episode: “An apple, a mango … We are used to finding unusual objects inserted where it is not needed. But a bomb? Never!”