France and the threat of terrorism, Versailles evacuated again

Today alert for the possible presence of a bomb: the bomb squad was called

The Palace of Versailles was evacuated again today, “for security reasons”, after the one already started on Saturday, Bfmtv announced, citing a police source and the offices of the tourist site. Today there is an alert for the possible presence of a bomb. The bomb squad was called.

What happened on Saturday 14 October

Last Saturday, October 14, the Palace of Versailles on the outskirts of the French capital was evacuated due to a bomb threat that arrived with an anonymous message on the website In the morning the same fate had befallen the Louvre museum in Paris, which was closed for security reasons after similar messages regarding bomb warnings had arrived.

The alarms in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in a high school in Arras where a teacher was killed by a 20-year-old Chechen shouting ‘Allah Akbar’, tension throughout the country is very high.

But Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin assured that at the Louvre, Versailles and the Gare de Lyon “there was no real threat”. “Each time we sent in the bomb squad after evacuating the area. There was no real threat,” he said.

Even one of the halls of the Paris station from which trains depart for the south-east but also for Switzerland and Italy was evacuated after the discovery of a bottle containing nitrous oxide, Le Figaro reported, citing a police source. while a spokesperson for the French railways SNCF specified that it “was a routine intervention”, downplaying the alarm.