France, crackdown on smoking with bans and skyrocketing prices: we are moving towards a 12 euro package

The French government has taken a firm crack at cigarettes, after it was decided to extend the smoking ban to all beaches, public gardens and woods, as well as the surrounding areas of public places, such as schools. This was reported by the French Minister of Health, Aurélien Rousseau.

The measures prepared by the government in France

“The smoking ban will now be the norm,” said Rousseau, presenting the national program to fight smoking to the press. “The smoking-free spaces, which are already over 7,200 in over 73 departments, are the result of a movement implemented locally by the municipalities. Today we reverse the responsibility and establish the principle that becomes the rule” the minister added. Among the measures adopted by the government is also a new increase in the cost of a pack of cigarettes which in 2026 will cost a minimum of 13 euros, while it will reach 12 euros in 2025. This increase, concluded Rousseau, “represents the most effective measure according to the ‘WHO and all independent studies on the subject.’ But that’s not all because the French government also wants to ban single-use disposable e-cigarettes which are particularly popular among young people. The intent, the minister declared, is to lay the foundations for “the first tobacco-free generation by 2032”, just as President Emmanuel Macron had promised.