France, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire’s erotic novel unleashes social media

Eliseo red light and ministers continue to put Macron in difficulty. After the minister Marlène Schiappa appeared on the cover of Playboy, the new media case in the communication of the French government, with the novel with pages with an erotic background by the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire. Already the protagonist of avalanches of ironic posts on social media, Le Maire’s new novel once again calls the government and the management of communication into play at a time of serious social tensions in the country. “American Escape”, the latest novel by the head of Economy and Finance, released last week in bookstores, sees at the center the figure of the great pianist Vladimir Horowitz through two brothers, Franz and Oskar Wertheimer, who go to one of his concerts in Cuba. During the trip, the book recounts, one of the protagonists describes the details of a very strong sexual arousal in very explicit terms. The network could not fail to immediately notice the particularly explicit erotic passages contained in the 471 pages published by Gallimard, making them go viral.

Le Maire’s literary debut

Already in 2004, Le Maire caused a sensation for another novel, which was entitled “The Minister”. The protagonist, for example, remembered the warmth of a bath in Venice “with green tea soap and Pauline’s hand gently caressing my sex”. At the time, Le Maire was chief of staff to Minister de Villepin. Today, among other things, the book comes at a historical moment of great tensions in France with the anger of the French at its peak, galloping inflation and EU rules to prepare. It is therefore inevitable that the French stigmatize where the minister manages to find time for hot stories.