France, Gabriel Attal appointed prime minister after Borne’s resignation

The current Minister of Education was appointed Prime Minister

Education Minister Gabriel Attal has been named Prime Minister of France. He replaces Elisabeth Borne, who resigned yesterday. Attal, 34, becomes the youngest prime minister of the Fifth Republic in France.

Borne resigned after one year, seven months and 23 days. Of her transition to Matignon – she is the second woman to be prime minister in France after the lightning transition of Edith Cresson between 15 May 1991 and 2 April 1992 – Borne will leave the memory of a tenacious person who was forced to constantly maneuver to get his reforms approved due to the absence of an absolute majority in the Assemblée Nationale, the French Chamber of Deputies. Evidence of this is the use of article 49.3 of the French Constitution which allows a bill to be imposed without a parliamentary vote. You used it to overcome Parliament’s opposition to the pension reform last March but not only that. Overall, Borne used the instrument 23 times, one step away from the absolute record set by the socialist prime minister Michel Rocard with 28.