France, Macron has decided: the pension reform passes without a parliamentary vote

Emmanuel Macron has asked the French government to ask the question of trust to pass the pension reform and the French council of ministers has granted the authorization: this implies that the adoption of the reform will not have to go through the vote of the parliament.

Confidence in the pension reform

The decision was taken by President Macron and the government in consideration of a lack of majority or too high a risk of losing the challenge by a handful of votes. There will therefore be no vote on the hotly contested plan to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. The government will place the confidence and, within 24 hours, the opposition will have the right to present a motion of censure. With the prospect of having a transversal motion voted on, presented by the left or the right, but voted by both formations. If the motion of censure were majority, the government of Elisabeth Borne would be defeated and Macron would have to appoint a new prime minister and a new executive.

The “whims” of the president

The leader of the French Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, spoke of President Macron’s “whims”. “When a president doesn’t have a majority in the country, he doesn’t have a majority in the National Assembly, he has to withdraw his project. The Elysée is not a park to accommodate the president’s whims,” ​​the president said on Twitter. socialist leader. Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen has already announced her own motion of no confidence and has confirmed that she is ready to vote on the motions of the left as well.