France, new allegations of sexual assault for Gérard Depardieu

After being denounced by 13 women on charges of assault and indicted for an alleged rape, new charges arrive in France for Gérard Depardieu. This time through an exclusive testimony, collected by “France Inter”, by a stage assistant. “She pinned me against the wall,” reported Lea (name not real but presented to the media to protect the anonymity of the woman) recounting the details of a violent approach by the French film star.

The testimony of the stage assistant

According to reports, at the moment and for fear of “professional reprisals” the woman has not yet filed a formal complaint. The attempted rape, based on the testimony provided, dates back to a few years ago, on the set of a TV show, where the girl, 27 years old at the time, was in charge of managing the actors, including Depardieu himself. With the film star from beyond the Alps, the woman had already worked in the past and, apparently, she would have already been at the center of sexual proposals, inappropriate comments and unwelcome attitudes, but she had had to accept the assignment for economic reasons. “At the beginning it was a question of comments about my body in front of the whole technical team”, reported the stage assistant, then the victim of proposals defined as “increasingly insistent sexual intercourse, even for money, as well as wandering hands, on the buttocks and in the groin”. One episode, in particular, was told in great detail. One day, at the request of a superior, the woman was forced to remain alone in a room with Depardieu. He, according to the testimony, would have “pulled his pants down”. “I panicked and ran out of the room. He joined me in the corridor, pinned against the wall, but his belly was blocking everything, so he couldn’t do anything,” the woman complained. The assistant then decided to complete her assignment, telling only a few colleagues what happened.

The other accusations against Depardieu

The revelations of the woman are added to those of Mediapart, which a few months ago unveiled the testimonies of 13 women who accuse Depardieu of sexist and sexual violence, which lasted between 2004 and 2022. The lawyers of the French actor, at the moment, are not have declined to give any response regarding the latest allegations. Depardieu has already been indicted on suspicion of rape and sexual assault against actress Charlotte Arnould, but has always denied all charges.