France, precious violin stolen by train, Italian musician ‘in shock’

The Orchester des Champs-Elysées launches an appeal: “Any witnesses come forward”

A violin worth tens of thousands of euros, dating back to the 19th century and belonging to an Italian musician of the ‘Orchester des Champs-Élysées’ was stolen on a train in France last Wednesday after the orchestras performed in Poitiers. The prestigious Parisian orchestra, founded in 1991, based between Paris and Vienna and specializing in the performance of music written between the mid-18th and early 20th centuries on period instruments, has also launched an appeal with a message posted on Twitter asking any witnesses to come forward to provide useful information for finding the precious instrument

The robbed musician – described as ‘in shock’ at the loss of the violin he had owned for 15 years – became aware of the theft as the high-speed train pulled into the Gare Montparnasse. David Réveillault, production manager of the orchestra, told ‘France Bleu’ what happened. “Upon arrival in the Montparnasse competition, when it was time to get off the train, one of our musicians noticed that the instrument was gone”. It is a violin signed Giulio Degani (Toloni label), a Venetian luthier of the late 19th century.

An instrument whose estimated value is tens of thousands of Euros. A loss that for the musician goes far beyond the value of the instrument, explains the same source: “It is the violin of his life and his career. It is a terrible loss for a professional musician, with that violin he lived, and together they formed a duo on the scene. His disappearance is experienced with great difficulty. It is as if he had lost a part of himself “.

The orchestra tries to keep hopes alive: “The thief will have great difficulty in reselling the violin. The instrument is signaled, no luthier will buy it back. There is no hope that he can get it in exchange for money without attracting the pay attention to himself. If he tries to sell it, he will certainly get caught, he risks big. The message is that the best thing to do is to return it and things will be fine for everyone. “