France, runs towards gendarmes shouting Allah Akbar: seriously injured

In France, in Mornas (near Orange), yesterday afternoon a man was seriously wounded by the gendarmes with a pistol after he ran towards them brandishing an iron bar and a knife and shouting “Allah Akbar”. The man’s identity was not disclosed. According to reports from the gendarmerie, during a check, the man “despite the injunctions”, “advanced rapidly” towards the military “and his very aggressive determination” forced them “to open fire several times”. The story took place in the aftermath of a bus accident on the A7 motorway in the same town of Mornas, caused by one of the passengers who “wanted to take the wheel”.

The investigations

At the state of the investigation it is not possible to formally establish a link between the bus accident, which according to the fire brigade caused 14 minor injuries, and the person injured by the gendarmes on Sunday. For its part, the Carpentras prosecutor’s office has opened three investigations, one concerning the bus accident for involuntary injuries to the driver, another for the violence against the gendarmes and a last one for the violence by agents of the public authority, told AFP one of the sources close to the investigation.