France, security alert after stabbing of a professor. The Louvre closed

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France was plunged into fear after the terrorist attack which took place yesterday in Arras, a French municipality in the Pas de Calais department, in Upper France, where a twenty-year-old Chechen attacked his former school, shouting “Allah Akbar”, killing stabbing a teacher and injuring three other people. President Emmanuel Macron has decided to mobilize up to 7 thousand soldiers of the Sentinel force, who will be deployed by Monday evening and until further notice. France has adopted the highest security level “emergency attack” in the framework of the Vigipirate device, which allows an exceptional mobilization of resources. The Minister of Education, Gabriel Attal, is in Arras today and has already announced the deployment of a thousand security force units in schools. And the Louvre Museum, the most visited in the world, remains closed today.

Military at the Ventimiglia border

As regards the border crossings near Ventimiglia, a dozen men have been mobilized exclusively to guard La Turbie, with constant checks on cars, added to the territory already widely patrolled by the French to prevent the clandestine entry of migrants from Italy. transiting towards France. Patrols also at the entrance to Menton.

The Louvre closed for checks after a message on the risks

“For security reasons, the Louvre museum closes its doors for today. People who have booked a visit for today will be refunded” reads a statement released by the museum on announcement of the closure in the middle of the day, he then specified to the agency AFP that “the Louve received a written message relating to risks for the museum and its visitors. We have chosen to evacuate it and close it for the whole day, the time necessary to carry out the essential checks”.

What happened yesterday

A young Chechen killed a French teacher in Arras, stabbing him in the throat. He shouted “Allah Akbar” and injured a school canteen worker, a gym teacher and a school maintenance employee. No one’s life is in danger. The killer had attended that school, was radicalized and registered as such, under surveillance and with his phone monitored. But he slipped through the narrow mesh of controls and managed to push France back into the terrorist spiral. Yesterday, large Anglo-Saxon law firms, taken over by French groups, spread the news of an imminent attack alert in Paris and more generally in France. Many employees had been asked to stay at home and work remotely. But the threat materialized in the north, in Arras, in the “Gambetta” middle and high school, with the twenty-year-old Chechen Mohammed Mogouchkov who showed up in front of the school with two knives in his hands. In the videos he is seen trying to enter, blocked by the seventh grade French teacher, Dominique Bernard, 57 years old. He protected his students, he stood in front of the terrorist who repeatedly hit him in the throat. Hit by the knife in the carotid artery, he died before the eyes of his boys while Megouchkov shouted “Allah Akbar”.

The killer blocked

Then the Chechen entered the courtyard and attacked some people, in particular a canteen worker, who defended himself by holding a chair, but was also stabbed. According to witnesses, he was frantically looking for “the history teacher”. The killer was blocked and arrested 4 minutes later by the police, who used a taser, the electric gun. The striker was, once again, a person known for his radicalisation, who was therefore registered and stopped for checks yesterday too. At school he had shown evidence of his aggressiveness, of his hostility towards the environment and his classmates. Among his 5 brothers, one was arrested a few minutes after him while he was wandering around in front of another school. The eldest, Mosvar, is in prison, convicted of having participated in a planned attack against the Elysée Palace and for repeated messages on the Internet supporting ISIS and apologizing for terrorism. The father, also radicalized and accused of marital violence, was expelled to Russia, from where the family had arrived in France in 2005. Even if there were no Jewish targets targeted, the link with the war between Israel and Hamas there is and Minister Darmanin confirmed it: “The link is evident, since Saturday and the massacres in Israel, we have arrested 12 people ready to take action”.

Ten people remain in custody

As part of the investigation into yesterday’s attack in Arras, ten people are in French police custody. Among those arrested are several members of the young attacker’s family: his sister, mother, uncle and two brothers, one of whom was taken from the cell where he is being held for “terrorist criminal association”. Also in custody are two Belarusians “with whom the attacker was during a police check the day before the incident”, reported a law enforcement source, specifying however that “there is nothing that can be said that were involved” in the attack.