France, Senator Joel Guerriau accused of drugging a member to rape her

Scandal in the French Parliament. Center-right senator Joel Guerriau, 66, is in custody on charges of attempting to drug Sandrine Josso, 48, a centrist MP, with the aim of obtaining “sexual favors” from her. It happened yesterday.

The story

The 66-year-old would have invited Josso, his friend for years, to his house and would have offered her a drink by secretly adding a drug to the glass. According to the woman’s story, they were supposed to have dinner at the restaurant, but in extremis Guerriau proposed an evening at her house. “She behaved strangely,” the woman told investigators. Twenty minutes after taking the first sip from the glass that had been offered to her, Sandrine Josso said she felt ill: cold sweat, rapid heartbeat. She was scared, but decided to pretend nothing had happened in front of Guerriau, she called a taxi at 10pm and was taken to Parliament, explaining the situation to some colleagues, who called for help: the first tests confirmed that the deputy had dilated pupils and an elevated heart rate. At the hospital, tests confirmed the presence of ecstasy in her system.

Who is Joel Guerriau

Affiliated to former prime minister Edouard Philippe’s ‘Horizons’ party, Joël Guerriau has been elected since 2011 in Loire-Atlantique, where he is the mayor of the small town of Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire. In custody since yesterday, he denies everything: “The confrontation with the deputy – said Rémi-Pierre Drai, his lawyer – allowed my client to forcefully confirm the version of events which at this point of the investigation does not allow to hypothesize any crime”.