France, the former yellow vest: “If the reform passes, there will be chaos in the streets”

Moraud, ‘I hope the motion of censure will bring down the government’

“If the motion of censure were to pass, it would pass by a few votes, but there are no certainties. What I know for sure, because I know the French population well, is that if the reform passes, there will be chaos in the streets”. She is alarmed and disappointed by the situation in France Jacline Mouraud, one of the pioneers of the yellow vest protest movement, candidate for the 2022 presidential elections and then moved on to support the campaign of Eric Zemmour, from whom she has finally distanced herself openly .

“This government – he says, speaking to Adnkronos – listens to absolutely no one and governs against the interests of the French. I hope that the motion will succeed in bringing down the executive of Elisabeth Borne, because pension reform cannot be carried out, raise the retirement age without reindexing wages on inflation. In France wages were frozen at 40 years ago, under Mitterrand.”

“People don’t want to work – he continues – because everything they earn ends up in taxes, we are a country where the citizen is squeezed by taxes and levies. And so we come to a violent rupture, as we see in the streets. But it is a serious period because there are many of us who think that all this will end with a civil war”. “All of this lasts from Mitterrand but in the meantime it’s the French who pay and today the French no longer agree, and they show it”.

Mouraud is certain that “people would agree to work a little longer if it weren’t, on the one hand, for the purchasing power to have been completely reduced, on the other for the lack of an adaptation of work organization to the age of people”.

And she is convinced that “the monumental rift between the successive governments that have alternated in power – (but “today we are in the presence of a real peak”, she jokes) – and the population cannot be ignored.

“We are on the verge of chaos. On the other hand, Macron has campaigned by affirming me or chaos. And he will have chaos”, concludes the author of the book “Jacline here?”, published by ‘Bouquins’, released in beginning of the month, with the subtitle ‘Response to Eric Zemmour’.