Francesca Alotta after Tale and Which Show: “It is a moment of rebirth and rediscovery”, then the words on Carlo Conti

Francesca Alotta was among the contestants of Tale and which Show: for the readers of Sologossip, the singer talked about herself between past and present and her rebirth!

Without a doubt, you will remember her. We are talking about Francesca Alotta, beloved competitor of the recent edition of Such and what Show. Winner of the Sanremo Festival in 1992 and super popular singer, the beautiful Sicilian took part in the famous program of Carlo Conti. And it really left its mark.

Francesca Alotta talked about herself to Sologossip microphones after her experience at Tale and Which. Photo source: Press Office

With her incredible sympathy and sunshine, but also her extraordinary interpretation and ability to dress completely different from hers, Francesca Alotta was one of the undisputed protagonists of Tale e Which show. What will become of her now, though? To reveal everything in the smallest detail, it was the person directly concerned. In the course of an interview with us for our microphones, the splendid singer told herself without too much hair on the tongue. From her rebirth up to the dramatic moment she experienced in recent years and her very recent experience in Tale e Which, Alotta indulged in an exciting and intense interview. Ready to read it? Here she is.

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Francesca Alotta and her new single: “It’s a moment of rebirth”

  • Hi Francesca, let’s start right away with your new single: ‘Diversa’ was released on all digital platforms on November 5th and managed to get impressive results right away, would you like to tell us about it?

“The album, which will be released next January, is an album that I particularly care about. I have written almost everything to you, both lyrics and music, and this represents an important change. I am going through a moment of rebirth and rediscovery. So, in this album there is a lot of me and all the experiences that I have lived. I am very happy because after a somewhat difficult period that I lived for several years, I finally found the energy of when I was younger. As for the single ‘Diversa’, however, I can tell you that it was a magical thing. Because, while I was writing the music, the lyrics came to me ”;

  • What prompted you to write this text (remember that the lyrics and the music are written by you)?

“Diversa tells a story that I have lived closely. The daughter of an acquaintance is homosexual and, unfortunately, was not accepted by her family. For this reason she had become anorexic. And he lived it very badly. I felt compelled to help her out of this situation. I therefore instinctively came to talk about it. Also because I realized that this is a problem that has not yet been solved. Even today there is no acceptance of the ‘different’. So, it’s like mine is a scream to try to change things because for me even if you can only change the mindsets of one person, it’s already a success. Each of us can do something. So, ‘Different’ has a very important meaning for me ”;

  • After the success of the single Anima Sola in 2018, you dedicated yourself to writing your latest album, ‘Mediterranean Soul’. After this rather demanding period, you had to face a very difficult test: a tumor. Would you like to send a message to all those people who, to date, are also facing this type of disease?

“Of course, I only say one thing: love saves! During the surgery and after, three friends of mine came to support me with the treatment and the radio. And they really saved my life. Unfortunately, my mother was unable to stay with me for reasons of her health. So, thank goodness I had them. Among other things, they were my three fans. While today, I consider them my sisters. To the people who are experiencing this same disease I say that I realize that it is not easy, but these are precisely the moments in which we need love, the dearest people who give us affection. Furthermore, we absolutely must not be discouraged ”;

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“Such and what has arrived at the right time”, the background on Carlo Conti

  • Let’s come to your very recent television experience: what prompted you to participate in Tale and Which Show?

“One of my dreams is acting. I believe that an interpreter must be a bit of an actor. On the other hand, when you play a song you have to get inside that character. For this reason, therefore, I auditioned five times. During the last one, however, precisely because I changed, it went well. Such and such arrived at the right moment, when I was ready to face it with serenity “;

  • In the past few years you have taken part in Music Farm and Now or Never, which of these did you feel most comfortable in?

“Let’s say that I haven’t lived through both programs well. Such and what, however, coincided with my personal and artistic rebirth “;

  • Your path to Tale and Which was sensational and gave you the opportunity to be appreciated not only for your singing skills, but also for your ability to wear completely different clothes from yours: what will you carry within you of this experience?

“Definitely an enrichment. I have studied many interpreters, I have acquired something of each of them and I have also learned many other things. Thanks to Tale and what, then, I got even more desire to start something in the theatrical field “;

  • Carlo Conti more than a conductor, shows himself as an excellent friend to trust: how is he behind the cameras?

“Carlo is a special person. Before the program, he always came to visit us, passed through all the dressing rooms and came to cheer us on and tell us to have fun. It is a great motivator! He is a driving force, a very real person and a great presenter ”;

  • Is there any comment from any judge that particularly impressed you?

“I knew Cristiano Malgioglio as a child because I was one of his choristers and he has always believed in me. For this reason I know that what he says, he says because he has to be ‘bad’. This role was chosen because it creates a bit of spice. Of course, if he had voted for me in the last episode, I would have won. But, I understand, it’s part of the game ”;

  • What do you think, however, of your colleagues?

“A beautiful family has been created. We are always in touch. And we often hear from each other. In short, we have all remained on good terms ”;

  • We know you have a new album in the works, but is there a chance to see you again on the small screen?

“Yes sure. In the next few days I will be in Telethon. They will also give me a prize at the Capitol for everything I am doing in favor of women, against violence of all kinds. In addition, they will also give me another Mia Martini award ”.

Francesca Alotta after Such and what
Photo source: Press Office

We wish Francesca the realization of all her dreams!