Francesca Chillemi from Miss Italy to today: how it was 20 years ago

Francesca Chillemi is a beloved face of the small screen, do you remember her 20 years ago at Miss Italy? Let’s see how she was and how she has changed

Miss Italy was the springboard for her. Participation in the most popular beauty contest and winning the title of ‘most beautiful in Italy’ opened the doors to the coveted success for Francesca Chillemi. Today we know her as a splendid actress who, in the guise of the characters interpreted to date, has managed to conquer millions of fans and viewers. But how has Francesca Chillemi changed over the years?

Francesca Chillemi, as she was at Miss Italy (Credits: Instagram) –

Only last Thursday 12 January 2023, Francesca Chillemi has returned to the small screen with the well-known fiction broadcast on Rai 1, May God help usthe. In the guise of ‘sister Azzurra’, the actress has seen a real evolution of what was her character in previous seasons. Of course we cannot forget her interpretation in ‘Purple like the Sea‘, the fiction broadcast on Canale 5 which saw her in the company of Can Yaman. In short, in this television season we were able to see the splendid former Miss try her hand at multiple roles on the small screen. Being an actress has always been her dream, and after her victory at Miss Italy Francesca Chillemi she has certainly been able to aim high. Beautiful and talented, today she is a successful woman. 20 years have passed since in that distant 2003 she walked the catwalk at the coveted beauty contest. But speaking of those years, do you remember how Francesca Chillemi was when she participated in Miss Italy?

Francesca Chillemi 20 years ago, as she was when she participated in Miss Italy: did you remember her like this?

His is certainly one of the most loved faces on TV. Francesca Chillemi has managed in recent years to build a truly incredible career in front of the camera. From a very young age, the desire to become an actress was strong in her. And we can well say to all intents and purposes that she did it. She was just a very young eighteen year old when she participated and won Miss Italy back then 2003. And by the way, do you remember how Francesca Chillemi was in those years? Let’s take a dive into the past together to see it again:

francesca chillemi young
Francesca Chillemi at Miss Italy, as it was (Credits: Instagram) –

Here she is more beautiful than ever. 20 years have passed since that moment but what is certain and what we can say is that although time has passed, the years for Francesca Chillemi seem not to have passed at all. A unique and rare beauty. Naturally beautiful, just like her on the other hand she always loves to show herself, Francesca Chillemi has impressed everyone with her extreme simplicity. The former Miss Italy still retains the title of ‘most beautiful in the world’. Don’t you think it’s gorgeous?