Francesca Fialdini revives the look before the start on TV: here she is with the new hairstyle

Francesca Fialdini revives the look just before the start on TV: did you see what she did to her hair?

Francesca Fialdini is ready to return to television, as he announced on social media, the new edition of the Da noi format will begin shortly … freewheeling. The date set for the debut is September 18. The presenter has held the helm of the program since 2019 and always enjoys a great following from the public.

francesca fialdini, look (credits: instagram)

However, his career didn’t start on the small screen. After graduating in Communication Sciences, she started working in radio, then she followed the role of correspondent and news presenter of the program A lei immagine di lei. In recent years we have seen her in various transmissions until she arrived at the helm of A noi… freewheeling.

For the third consecutive year it has been reconfirmed, a sign that the format is liked as well as its management. Thanks to the experiences she has naturally become very popular and she is also very popular on social networks where she is very popular. Anyone who follows her closely will have noticed what she has been doing in the past few days, aside from engaging in work. The presenter through her instagram stories about her showed herself to the hairdresser. After resuming the various steps of the preparation he showed the final result.

Francesca Fialdini revives the look before the start on TV: here is the presenter with the new hairstyle

It is shortly before the start of the new edition of the program With us … freewheeling where Francesca Fialdini is at the helm. The presenter has taken the reins since 2019 and seen the good following, the format has been reconfirmed in the Rai schedules and she too. Over the years you have worked in various programs.

Months ago we saw her at the helm of the Fame D’amore format, an Italian docu-series now in its third edition that follows the stories of young people who have eating disorders and shows the path they take within therapeutic centers. In a few days the presenter will return to the small screen ready to immerse the audience in the stories of new protagonists. Being very popular, you can imagine that even on social media it is the same. In fact, her instagram channel is very popular. In her biography, in addition to citing the programs she leads, she writes: “Passionate about mind and surroundings, I tell stories of those who choose freedom “.

Anyone who follows it carefully will have noticed what it has been doing in recent days. Francesca shared a series of stories, with a light nuance, where she showed herself to the hairdresser. After the preparation phase you showed the final result: what do you notice?

francesca filadini look
Francesca fialdini, hairstyle (credits: instagram)

Apparently the presenter has changed the type of hairstyle, now the hair has a different fold, much more wavy and moved than the previous hair. Do you like her new look?