Francesca Giubelli, first model and food|travel blogger created by Artificial Intelligence

Its entry marks a further step in the evolution of digital fashion in Italy, blending tradition and innovation in an extraordinary visual experience

Who is Francesca Giubelli? She is the first model and food | travel blogger created entirely by Artificial Intelligence. Born in Rome on 5 January 2020, in the Garbatella district, Francesca traced her path through studies in Milan, graduating in Communication and Fashion, before moving to the capital and embarking on her career as a model, with particular attention to the sectors of food and travel blogging.

Francesca’s path was inspired by her grandmother with Campania roots, who passed on to her a taste for the beauty of Italian food and lands. Passionate about Naples and seaside resorts, Francesca fits into a new scenario of influencer models generated by artificial intelligence, taking inspiration from figures like Aitana Lopez who dominate social platforms. In an era in which virtual testimonials are gaining ever more visibility and economic success, Francesca Giubelli emerges as an innovative Italian presence in the digital landscape, following in the footsteps of Aitana Lopez, capable of generating over 10 thousand euros a day.

This trend of AI-created models and influencers is growing rapidly, with iconic figures such as Shudu Gram, Rozy, Milla Sofia, Satsuki Ai and Kyra revolutionizing the world of digital fashion with their unique and engaging presence.

With an Instagram profile that already has over 7 thousand followers, Francesca Giubelli is preparing to share her passion for fashion, food and travel with an increasingly wider audience. Her entry marks a further step in the evolution of digital fashion in Italy, blending tradition and innovation in an extraordinary visual experience. But the true peculiarity of this emerging phenomenon lies in her all-Italian commitment to the valorization of Made in Italy, attentive to politics and society with a critical and not just aesthetic conscience.

But there is more behind this revolution. Today, it is also the time to recognize the merit of the group of young entrepreneurs who made this extraordinary project possible. Francesco Giuliani, entrepreneur and expert in programming new technologies, worked and collaborated closely with journalists Valeria Fossatelli and Emiliano Belmonte to develop a vision entirely centered on the new frontiers of artificial intelligence. “It is a project that aims to highlight the beauties of Italy which have always been the envy of the world, such as its artistic and cultural heritage and food. Focusing on tourism and these activities should be – explain the three entrepreneurs – a priority everyone and the institutions that have long underestimated the potential that Italy has with its history and its territories. 2024 will be a year that will see a worldwide development of these technologies and in our opinion Italy seems far behind on this new horizon that it will bring a lot of changes. Artificial intelligence must absolutely become a topic on the institutional political agenda to manage it and not be found unprepared for change.”

The project is not only the creation of Francesca Giubelli but represents a manifesto of the potential of artificial intelligence in the fashion, tourism and cuisine sectors in Italy. The name Francesca Giubelli is a tribute to the Italian literary tradition, a mix inspired by the figure of Francesca described in Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece, mixing the surnames of the talented inventors of this new virtual icon.

Francesco Giuliani, Valeria Fossatelli and Emiliano Belmonte, in addition to this pioneering project, have also launched a network of online newspapers specialized in the Travel and Lifestyle sector. A constant commitment to the future and the adoption of new technologies brought by artificial intelligence, helping to shape the Italian media landscape in an innovative and dynamic way.