Francesca Michielin and her mavericks: “Don’t look outside for what’s inside you”

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It doesn’t turn off the desire to dance and turns on the desire to sing. THE Loose Dogs Of Francesca Michielin they are much more than an album. And I use the plural because each passage could be a novella and the whole I say a collection. He talks about love, populism, the environment, he talks to young people, to his peers (Francesca will turn 28 next Saturday) and to that world of adults who, once finished, will not be able to barricade themselves behind the I didn’t know and the I didn’t think. He speaks with that profound lightness that only those who are mature and aware can convey. Introducing me to Loose Dogswhich will be accompanied by the bonsoir! – Michielin10 at the theatre (debut on February 22 in her Bassano del Grappa), Francesca recalls that “I think it’s my fifth album, you know I’ve never counted them. I started doing this job when I was 16 and now I’m almost 28. I Loose Dogs they are the ones that don’t fit into a predefined scheme and here I took the luxury of being myself and writing a little more courageous lyrics. Sciolti you come from the Latin solutum, I made the classic, and therefore it speaks of an absolute that has no references. Just like mavericks”.

Francesca, shall we go into a little more detail on the issues addressed?

There is the constant relationship with Nature, there is the story of the province, with its pros and cons and the social unease it leaves (the songs are Ghetto Perfetto and Padova can kill you more than Milan, ed), there is love in all its forms, there is a piece of love from a woman for another woman, it’s called Claudia, which I hope will become a manifesto for those who have often had to turn male songs into feminine ones. In What is not there yet there are all my fragility, the song was born six years ago. The world wants us to perform and you must bring yourself into the world through strength, fragility and sensuality. In Loose Dogs there is a long writing project. I have often felt incomplete and I quote Italo Calvino who said that when you are like this you are simply young. Also in Carmen, born from a dialogue with Consoli, I speak of fragility. It’s the first time I’ve ever written a whole record. I took care of everything. In teamwork you find all of me.
On the 24th the album is released, on the day, on the 25th the tour starts from Bassano del Grappa.

There will be very little electronics, it will be a material tour designed for the theatre: I’ve never toured there. I’m giving myself this gift for my 28th birthday, which I’ll be on the 25th. In the scenography, he will tell about these ten years.
In Padua he kills more than Milan you touch the theme of racism.

I used Padua because I grew up in Veneto and there is no city as big as Milan. Padua is a crazy city but it is as if the differences are not listened to. Many leave because they can’t find their space. It is a passage written by a believer, it is for those who preach well and raid badly.
Carmen was born from a meeting with Consoli.

She is the daughter of a dialogue before and after one of her concerts in Padua. She represents the dissident songwriter, she is someone who always carries around her stylistic signature, she doesn’t ogle with fashions. We shared a long discussion from which the song you heard was born; I would have liked her to play it as well but there weren’t the times. In this record Carmen is my guiding spirit.

I know that the look follows the Cani Sciolti philosophy and there is no lack of ecological support.

My stylist is the same as Carmen Consoli. When we spoke, I told her that she would enjoy following me on this adventure. We are attentive to what is sustainable, in fact, even on tour I will be mostly dressed in green. I involved multi-instrumentalist girls with a lot of talent for their first experience. I know it’s a gamble but I’m happy with what’s coming out.
Claudia is a song for love declined in the feminine.

It’s a statement regardless, it doesn’t matter the language but it matters to love each other. Maybe those who came before me or didn’t feel like it and didn’t want to face the media circus that could ignite. If it becomes a dedication for someone, I can only be happy about it.
Your verse is very harsh: where the artists are, I only see populists.

It comes from a dream in which I told another person I want to do pop and not populism: I don’t understand the message my unconscious has sent me. Those who make pop music must remember that we do it to communicate and not to talk about ourselves. Even if we are only interpreters that should be the purpose. As artists we must not only please but also be on the f**k, sorry for the French. I want to create a moment of reflection and that doesn’t exclude that I will continue to make pieces for dancing and kissing in the disco.
Marco Mengoni dedicated his victory at the Sanremo Festival to women.

He could have self-celebrated and instead he chose to talk about a chronic discography problem: until a few years ago it would have gone unnoticed while today we notice it.
Do you think there is an error?

It is to reject their personality. When I speak of resistance I don’t mean it in a partisan sense, I would never allow myself, but I mean an approach to life. On the other hand, starting this year in Sanremo, flowers are given to men and women and I’m very happy about it. But if we want to go deeper, I’ll tell you that this year there was only one female conductor, Carolina Bubbico, yet there are many female conductors in Italy. Maybe there’s a bit of misogyny in the public and I’m also referring to women. There is no single truth, there are data on which we need to reflect.
What do you have left of the X Factor experience?

It gave me more confidence but also more desire to have fun. I got there with the legacy of Alessandro Cattelan behind me and there had never been a presenter. I felt young in that role and then I told myself that I wanted to have fun and that personality makes the difference. It was a great school.
We close with the album cover, with that colored tear that lines your face.

Tears are fire, they are pain that becomes energy. It follows in the wake of Volcano. The disc is the older sister of 2640: the discomfort remains but there is greater awareness and he is pissed off. I apologize less and resort to a stronger vocabulary.