Francesco Bianconi and Baby K, “Playa” will be released on 7 January

What happens when the pop of the queen of Italian catchphrases meets the rock of one of the most loved local songwriters of all time? We will find out next January 7, when in streaming and high radio rotation, the long-awaited duet signed by Baby K And Francesco Bianconi. For their unprecedented collaboration, the two artists have chosen a great hit, the single by Baby K “Playa”, Included in the tracklist of the latest album“ Donna sulla Luna ”.

Baby K duets with Francesco Bianconi

The announcement of the long-awaited collaboration between the voice of Baustelle and Baby K., came directly from Bianconi’s social profiles, where the Montepulciano artist published the cover together with a long message dedicated to fans. All accompanied by the prompt response of the rapper and pop star who commented on Instagram: “An enormous emotion to have sung this song with you. I can’t wait for it to come out ”. For true lovers of Bianconi and his music, the announcement about the release of the single may sound completely like a novelty, given that in the past months of full pandemic (THE SPECIAL – THE UPDATES – THE MAP), the artist had already had fun several times reinterpreting the 2019 summer single in his own way. The duet of Francesco Bianconi and Baby K in “Playa” also brings with it an important surprise, since it will officially first song extracted from the new album of the singer-songwriter toscano, also out in January for BMG.

Francesco Bianconi announces the release of the single and an album

It is with this message, accompanied by the official cover of the new version of “Playa” – in which two tender children in a fraternal embrace by the sea appear in the foreground – that Francesco Bianconi announced the arrival of the new single in collaboration with Baby K and a new recording project, both due out next January. A news that astonished audiences and critics, given the strange combination between the two artists, apparently so far from each other, but that we are all curious to hear. Here are Bianconi’s words on Instagram: “It’s Christmas, goodness and good news arrive, as it should be. The first is that “Playa” comes out on January 7, a song that I sang a lot during this pandemic time and that opened my heart and really helped me survive. The second news is that I sing it together with Baby K, who is the original author and interpreter of the song and who, as you will hear, will be able to touch your soul even in this nocturnal version of the piece. The third news is that “Playa” is an excerpt from a new album of mine which will also be released in January. But we will talk about this on another occasion ”.