Francesco Borrelli hit by a motorcyclist in Naples

The post of the Campania regional councilor of Europa Verde on Facebook: “Possible transversal revenge”

Francesco Emilio Borrelli was hit on Friday evening by a motorcyclist under his home in Naples. To report the incident is the same Campania regional councilor of Europa Verde from his Facebook page. “He It was in front of his garage, intent on putting down the scooter, when a person on a motorcycle with a full-face helmet hit him. The strong impact caused the councilor to fall, who got stuck between his scooter and a scaffolding – reads the post -. At that point the investor joined Borrelli, but fortunately a taxi driver arrived who stopped to give help, thinking about a road accident, and just as the taxi driver was helping Borrelli to get up, the man riding the motorcycle it disappeared at full speed. “” A story with a disturbing profile that does not exclude the track of a transversal revenge “ complaint in the post.

“In the last period, Councilor Borrelli had denounced the abusive occupations by members of a Camorra clan in a historic building in Pizzofalcone. His complaint then triggered the eviction notices for the families who found illegally in the building. The police believe that this is also a viable path for investigations as investigators find that one of the most used methods for transversal vendettas is precisely that of road accidents“.

“I have always known that some of my battles and complaints could have paid dearly, this time they cost me 21 days of prognosis and it could have been even worse if a taxi driver had not promptly intervened, whom I sincerely thank” he writes. “Over the years they have tried several times to stop me with violence, they will never succeed”Concludes the post.