Francesco Facchinetti, confession that leaves everyone stunned: “Without Rolls I would not leave the house”

Francesco Facchinetti’s unexpected confession arrived in the first episode of the second season of the One More Time podcast.

We recently saw him in the role of judge during the last edition of The Masked Singer together with Caterina Balivo, Arisa and Flavio Insinna and that on that occasion Francesco Facchinetti he proved to be a brilliant showman.

Francesco Facchinetti, confession that leaves everyone speechless: “Without Rolls I would not leave the house” (Credits: Rai Play)

Fresh from a bad misadventure that happened to his wife, the son of Roby dei Pooh talked about himself on the podcast One More Time like never before. He recalled his dazzling career in TV, music and entrepreneurship, but he did not fail to leave everyone speechless for revealing some unexpected aspects of his personality.

Starting from the beginnings in music up to the great success achieved at the helm of X Factor, the former DJ Francesco surprisingly defined himself as “omnivorous, egocentric and narcissistic”. He admitted that he doesn’t have a good relationship with money and of have been under the care of a psychologist for a year to this part.

But in what would his narcissism manifest itself? Here’s what the artist said.

Francesco Facchinetti: “Material things calm me down”, a surprising confession

Jovanotti it would have had a fundamental function in the years of his growth: “At the school of Communion and Liberation I read a book by Fr Giussani, on how important it is to find one’s self. And I found him after seeing a concert by Jovanotti, one who didn’t just sing, but used music to communicate his world “, says Facchinetti.

Speaking of himself openly, he says that the desire for redemption has accompanied him since he was a child and adds that in the last 10 years he has worked many hours a day to buy a painting by Andy Warhol: “Every day I asked myself: ‘Why do you get up?’, ‘To buy an Andy Warhol painting’, I replied “.

Even now, when his mother asks him “Why do you drive a Rolls Royce worth 3-400 thousand euros?”, He replies: “If I didn’t have a Rolls I wouldn’t leave the house. Because I have to have things around me that make my day pleasant ”. Aware of the incisiveness of his statements, the showman explains that material things cheer him up. “It doesn’t mean that if I put my butt on a Panda, I die. But it means that if I have to go over the limit I have to be satisfied ”, he adds.

Francesco Facchinetti confession
Credits: Instagram

A background that hardly anyone imagined: congratulations to Facchinetti for having told his affectionate audience unfiltered!