Francesco Gabbani: “Habit is becoming aware that we are Nature”

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“The Habit” is the new single from Francesco Gabbani and tells of the apathetic addiction to life, the habit of repeating gestures and thoughts in an almost passive way, floating on the skin of the world like thoughtless extras, like clichés, copying life rather than reinventing it. The heart of this song is the invitation to reclaim our lives. “The Habit” is a new piece of the recording path of the Tuscan singer-songwriter who will soon announce important news. Furthermore, the artist from Carrara returns with a one man show and doubles his appointment with two special prime time evenings, on 14 and 21 April 2023 on Rai1, in an original format that combines the lightness of variety with the increasingly urgent theme of eco-sustainability.

Francis how it was born “The Habit” and why did he feel this was the time to set her free?

It was born from a collaboration with Fabio Ilacqua, my friend and companion of musical expression. It was born first from an idea of ​​his and then optimized together and was born a few months ago unrelated to the idea of ​​the television program. I chose to release it at the same time because even if it doesn’t talk about ecology and the environment it reflects our modus vivendi, it talks about how we are stuck in a mechanism of extreme consumerism in emulation of others. We identify with what we buy but we confuse the idea of ​​happiness and self-fulfilment by mistaking it for habit. We are nature. If I had made an ecological song it could have been exploited.
Is there a habit you can’t break and one you’re proud of?

I am an atypical artist, I wake up between 5 and 6 in the morning, I have rediscovered the mental beauty of the morning. It is physiological and does not have a negative meaning. Among the little things I tell you that I’m proud to have learned to take short showers, it’s a choice born of an awareness.
Would you like the carousel of the world to become a roller coaster or would it be enough to get off every now and then and smile with your feet on the ground?

I wish it were both, first you need the emotional swings towards the limits and then you enjoy them with your feet on the ground.
Who is a good man today?

Who has a sense of conscience and respect for self and others. Treat others as they would like to be treated and as you would like to be treated.
The rooster that crows three times is a quote from Good Friday, therefore perfect for these Easter days: does it imply fear in expressing one’s opinions? To be yourself?

Also. Because emancipating yourself and declaring yourself involves sacrifices and effort and then there is the variable of other people’s reactions. Pretending to be what you are not gives you the ease of the comfort zone.
“The men who go around”…do they wander around in circles suspended between buying and being bought?

I wish they were the ones who possibly put the arrow. The sense of the verse is an unconscious turning without knowing why. Like a top that spins and then stops.
About “old lovers in dance halls”: do they still exist?

There are but they are increasingly rare. They don’t make it clear. The gallantry and approach of the past are rare. Galenteria should mean feeling legitimized in the dimension of the dance hall to give vent to one’s feelings. My grandfather Sergio used to say that he danced hugging a person, today he dances with that one who is two meters away from you.
What will happen in the two evenings on Rai Uno? You have chosen a verse by Sergio Endrigo as the title, “It takes a flower”. Is it a message?

Sergio Endrigo’s words represent the spirit of the enlightening idea and a window to the future. The flower is sensitivity; the flower represents sentiment but here it must be the basis of ecological behaviour. I brought the flower more on emotional communication which gives it a more romantic connotation. Why am I green? Of course I am, because I start from a feeling of those who were born in nature. I chose to live in Carrara to be surrounded by nature, with all the difficulties that a job like mine entails. I’ll give you an example: whoever throws the can on the ground doesn’t have the feeling and sometimes things change with small gestures.

I can tell you that Nino Frassica and Mario Tozzi, who is informative, will always be there. The other guests are part of the world of music and have a feeling that coincides with the philosophy of the two evenings. In the first you will find Ornella Vanoni, Levante, Mr Rain, Stefania Sandrelli, Francesco Arca, Giusy Buscemi and Alfa.
I know there will be eight dancers: so will you dance?
Apart from the moments as a conductor, I bring performances, I play theatrical parts, I am in the show dimension. The ballet will be inclusive thanks to Luca Paoloni’s choices of choices: the dancers have heterogeneous somatic features and this is a novelty.
I know it will also be an opportunity to support the commitment to the environment: do you believe that politics and society are working well or are we still between “coffee intellectuals and internetologists”?
In half. There are stalemates but we are working towards a compromise situation. The ecological transaction involves a process, because the environment impacts on industrial situations and therefore on jobs. Politics does what it can and I hope it respects the rules set by the European Community but also worldwide. The environmental issue is a tragedy but positive things have been done about it, let’s try to see the good too: for example, the ozone hole is closing even if little is said about it.
Can we say now that you have learned well the difference between habit and happiness?
Not that but I’ve learned to realize when I’m in the habit and when I enclose happiness. Understanding the meaning of life is an endless quest.
Your art projects for the next months?
I will do a tour that we will announce shortly and that will coincide with the concert event, in its own right with respect to the tour, that I will do in Carrara for my birthday, on September 9th: I want people to come and get to know my world from all over Italy.