Francesco Guccini, the new album “Canzoni da tavern” will be released in November

Exactly one year after Francesco Guccini’s last studio album, that is Intorto songs published in November 2022, it will be released next November Tavern songs.

It will be the Modena singer-songwriter’s twenty-sixth recording effort. With a reference both in the title and in the cover graphics to last year’s album, the new one Tavern songs will be out in a few weeks. For now there is no tracklist but the work is presented as “a collection of popular songs selected by the Maestro, revisited in a strictly personal key, for an evocative journey through hidden cultures and traditions, true jewels of the national and international repertoire ”.
If the last album was released on November 18, 2022, this will “anticipate” its debut in record stores by eight days, as it will be released on November 10. This time, however, “it will be out” means that it will only be possible to purchase it from stores (physical or online), while we will not “see” it (indeed: we will listen to it) on the music streaming platforms. It will be released in various physical formats by BMG and is available for pre-order from today.

You can look at the cover of Francesco Guccini’s new album, Tavern songsin the photo you find at the bottom of this article.

It is a natural continuation of Canzoni da intorto

What is clear is that Tavern songs it will be the natural continuation of Intorto songs. The latter was certified Platinum, won the Targa Tenco for the “Song Interpreter” category and was the best-selling physical album of 2022, marking Francesco Guccini’s great return as a singer, 10 years later from the latest studio project.
So the new Tavern songs carries a considerable weight on his shoulders, that of the enormous success of the previous one, more or less fresh off the press… However, the large crowd of admirers of the legendary singer-songwriter from Modena are certain that this time too their favorite will not disappoint them, as they write clearly on social networks in these minutes, after the news of the arrival of the 26th notch in Guccini’s discography was learned.

Great enthusiasm from Guccini fans

The announcement of a new bow at Guccini was greeted with great enthusiasm by the many fans of the aforementioned Maestro, the Modena legend who wrote various chapters of Italian music, focusing on the genres of popular song, folk, rock and author’s music .

The arrangements of this new album are signed by Fabio Ilacqua, who is also an artistic producer together with Stefano Giungato.

Francesco Guccini, a living legend

He certainly needs no introduction, but let’s talk about the Italian singer-songwriter, writer and actor from Modena who is a prominent figure in the panorama of local music. The contribution he gave to the seven notes of our country is particularly significant, and in any case not only the seven notes owe a lot to Francesco Guccini: this artist also offered various contributions to literary culture. His career spans over five decades, more than half a century during which he has produced a wide range of songs and major literary works.
He began his musical career in the 1960s, becoming a member of the Italian singer-songwriter scene. Her early works were characterized by poetic lyrics and often touched on social and political themes. His lyrics are precisely those that make the difference: Guccini is known for his profound and reflective words which often address issues as complex as they are important (such as alienation, loneliness, love, politics, social injustice, war and the environment).
Some of his most famous songs are, for example The Locomotive, Song for a Friend And Auschwitz.

Throughout his career, Guccini has collaborated with many other musicians and artists, including Nomadi, with whom he wrote memorable songs such as The old man and the child. You also worked with the poet and writer Edoardo Sanguineti.

Francesco Guccini has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Tenco Prize for Lifetime Achievement and the De André Prize.

Below you will find the cover of Francesco Guccini’s new album, entitled Tavern songs and out next November 10th.