Francesco immediately made himself noticed by men and women: do you know how to find him on Instagram?

Francesco immediately made himself noticed by men and women: do you know how to find him on Instagram? The curiosities about Lavinia’s suitor.

His adventure a Men and women did not start in the best way. The acquaintance with Federica ended even before starting and even Lavinia did not seem willing to keep him in the studio. After a while, however, Francis he managed to change his mind to the Roman tronista, with whom he began an acquaintance.

Francesco to Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Play)

A frequentation that seems to be proceeding for the best: between Lavinia and Francesco a good feeling has been established and the fans are already dreaming of the birth of a new couple. To find out if he will be the one to break into the heart of the tronista it will take some time, in the meantime we will take away a great curiosity! As always happens with the new protagonists of Maria De Filippi’s program, viewers wonder how to find them on social media and, in recent days, many have wondered what it was the Instagram profile of the handsome suitor. Here’s what we found out!

Men and women, Francesco woos Lavinia: here is her name on Instagram

It didn’t go very well with Federica. The tronista from Campania did not appreciate at all the attitude of the suitor and the fact that he had defined his interest in her as “mild”. With Lavinia, however, Francesco is managing to bring out new sides of his character and a beautiful complicity is emerging between the two. The suitor he was immediately noticed by the tronista for his physical appearance, but only Lavinia decided to continue to know him. And, after the first external, a beautiful complicity was born between the two. But what do we know about him?

As revealed by himself during the presentation in the studio, Francesco is 27 years old, he comes from Naples but lives in Pescara. But how can we find it on social media? Well, yours surname is Griffo, but apparently he didn’t have an Instagram profile until a few days ago. In the past few hours, in fact, a new profile has appeared, with the nick name “Frank.griffo19” and a shot that portrays the suitor on the Pescara seafront. In all likelihood, Francesco may have decided to land on social media right now that he has started this experience on TV. Here is the only shot present at the moment on his Instagram channel:

francesco men and women instagram
Francesco on Instagram (Instagram Credits)

We just have to wait to find out more about him and, of course, to see how his acquaintance with Lavinia evolves. According to the previews of the latest recordings, a kiss has already escaped between the two during an external one! Will a new couple be born in the Maria De Filippi transmission? Appointment every day on Canale 5 at 2:45 pm for all the news of the most famous throne on TV.