Francesco Mandelli and Fabrizio Biggio guests on Stories, tomorrow at 9pm on Sky Tg24

I am Francesco Mandelli And Fabrizio Biggiothe protagonists of the new episode of “Stories”the series of interviews with the main performers of the show Sky TG24. Guest of the newspaper’s deputy editor Omar Schillacidirected by Roberto Contacts, the comedy duo tells their story in “Francesco Mandelli and Fabrizio Biggio – Together again”on air Tuesday 30 January at 9.00pm on Sky TG24, Saturday 3 February at 12.00 on Sky Art it is always available On Demand.

Together again at the cinema

Still at the cinema with The Usual Idiots 3 – The return after 12 years and with an excellent result: the total box office of the first weekend is 1,945,059 with 245,849 spectators. Furthermore, the comedy by Fabrizio Biggio and Francesco Mandelli obtains the third best opening result from March 2020 to date for an Italian film. “It is a film that talks about family, dysfunctional families like our characters are in contemporary times, and each of them lives a different moment in their life” says Mandelli. “We decided to talk about family because if you think about it, society is in ruins… partly because of us – jokes Biggio – but where do you rebuild from? Starting from the family”. The desire to get back together and continue to make people laugh, the memories of when it all started, childhood, school, loves… this, and much more, in an unpredictable episode.

The story of the duo between anecdotes and curiosities

A long chat to tell anecdotes and curiosities about one of the most innovative artistic partnerships in the panorama of Italian comedy. A story that starts from afar, from their childhood. “I grew up in Osnago in the 80s and 90s, there were fields, we went around by bicycle, my house had no fence so I really lived in the wild. I went to the oratory and there I started doing plays, understanding that I liked doing this stuff here. All this character stuff was born in Osnago when I was really little” says Mandelli. But as in the most classic of beginnings, it was school that brought them together and made their friendship blossom, when even before achieving success, they gained two spades from their adolescent loves. The turning point, however, comes when “We were in Giorgio Gori’s office who noticed us and said ‘You must do a sketch show'” recalls Biggio, “He showed us ‘Little Britain’, this English program where there are two people who dress up to make fun of their own country. We said to ourselves ‘Crazy we have to do it too’. We only saw the first episode so as not to be too influenced by it. We were born this way”. From there a long climb that saw them stage characters that later became iconic in the world of comedy. “Unfortunately, the character I most resemble is Gianluca, because I’m a bit stoned, I’m naive, naive” admits Biggio. “For me Ruggiero is the best of me” jokes Mandelli. The secret of the success of all their characters remains their immediate recognizability, which the public has grown very fond of. “When you like something you don’t need to see it change. You need to see that thing there with new topics, with new stories. Contemporary times have changed, the world has changed and we have used those characters to tell it, they are masks that have lasted 15 years. It’s like going to a concert where you know the songs well and this thing, in short, makes you appreciate it more” Mandelli explains to us. Reinvent yourself therefore, without ever distorting yourself. “If we are careful to do the things that work now, we would be smart comedians, not honest ones. We only know one way of telling things, with our comedy being the one that makes us laugh” confesses Biggio. Not everything was rosy, over the years the two would move away to pursue different projects, only to then meet again and reconnect. What if they missed each other? “Missed is not the right word for two like us who are like brothers. I felt there was something, we broke up abruptly, but I felt the need to talk about solving it. We apologized and that was a great thing” confesses Biggio. “We’re a bit like the Gallagher brothers of comedy” echoes Mandelli. And speaking of family, the central theme of their film, they finally found the time to spend a holiday together, as they had never done in the past, “We met again because basically I had never taken a holiday with a family. I know it sounds crazy, but they were together for the first time and it was beautiful”.

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