Francesco Oppini, Alba Parietti’s son has learned to live with enormous pain

As a guest at “Oggi è un giorno” with his mother, Alba Parietti’s son recounted the painful mourning he experienced years ago.

Alba Parietti has been a well-known face of the show for several decades and when she was married to her ex-husband Franco Oppinibecame the mother of Francis. The latter has just turned 40 years old and, except for a few sporadic appearances on TV, for a long time he has remained quite far from the spotlight. His participation in the GF Vip 5 in 2020, however, it allowed the public to get to know it better and to discover its merits.

Francesco Oppini, Alba Parietti’s son had to learn to live with enormous pain (Credits: Rai Play)

Very close, mother and son have often talked about their relationship: at times conflicting, but intense and full of love on the part of both. Guests both a Today is another day last Friday, April 29, with their father Franco connected to the studio, the two told of a painful page in their life, which began when in 2006, Francesco was struck by a serious mourning.

His girlfriend at the time, Luana, died in a car accident and at the time he was only 24 years old. A loss as unexpected as it was terrible to face, which forced him to grow up suddenly. Fundamental in that period was the support of the mother who was affected not a little by the mood of her son.

Francesco Oppini, the sad background behind the first tattoo of Alba Parietti’s son

To the girl who died prematurely, Oppini jr. he dedicated her first tattoo: “I did it for a person who is no longer there, when he was no longer there. I did it with her mother, we tattooed the initials of her name “.

The former gieffino said that at that time he was taking antidepressants and that his mother lived that terrible experience with him side by side: “During the pain, my father was in Milan, he was present but at a distance. I was living on antidepressants. Mom knew her, I was at home with her when it happened, she was close to me, she was fundamental “.

Seeing him so suffering, Alba also started taking antidepressants: “Seeing your child’s suffering is unbearable, unacceptable. Total impotence, not being able to take away that pain is a frustration, ”explained the showgirl.

“I felt guilty for not being in her situation, I didn’t want help from anyone. The brain can play tricks ”, said Francesco, expressing in the best possible way the state of mind of many who unfortunately find themselves in a similar situation.

son of Alba Parietti
Credits: Rai Play

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