Francesco Oppini, how was and how is the son of Alba Parietti

The transformation of Francesco Oppini in recent years: few will remember, for example, what Alba Parietti’s son was like back in 2011.

If his parents have been two established characters in the entertainment world for about forty years, Francesco Oppini he never seemed too interested in being a part of it. For many years, in fact, the son of Alba Parietti and Franco Oppini was considered more as a ‘son of art’ than as a television personality in his own right.

Francesco Oppini in the past (Credits: Instagram)

Born in 1982, Francesco has just turned 40: everyone knows that football is his great passion and that he is a huge Juventus fan. Being therefore very experienced in this sector, we have seen him for years a guest in various sports broadcasts as a commentator.

As for TV in general, however, the young Oppini was a sporadic presence because his real job has always been that of a car salesman at a dealership. His experiences on the small screen in programs that did not deal with football were essentially two: in 2004 when he participated in the first edition of the reality show The farm and in 2020 al GF Vip 5.

The adventure in the most spied house in Italy was certainly the one that gave him the great success and affection of the people who were finally able to get to know him better as a person, beyond his parents. In recent years Francesco has grown up and become an adult, but how many of you remember what he was like in the past? Let’s see what the former gieffino was like some time ago!

Francesco Oppini, as it was ten years ago: did you remember it?

To show you the evolution of the brilliant heir of Alba Parietti and Franco Oppini we have chosen this image that dates back to 2011. On that occasion Francesco was a guest of his mother who at the time hosted the talk show on La7d entitled Alballoscuro.

In each of the ten episodes aired every Thursday in prime time, the showgirl interviewed a new guest and among them was her son. Looking at the image, it can be seen that the expression of Francesco, who was not even 30 years old at the time, was definitely more boyish.

Her hair, among its peculiar characteristics, was already cut as it is now, perhaps just a little longer. The similarity with his father Franco has always been evident even before this interview: it’s impressive how similar the two are, isn’t it?

For sure, what has never changed is the fascination that Oppini jr. seems to have on women: we remember that among his former flames there were also girls from the world of entertainment such as for example Alessia Fabiani. Today, however, Francesco seems to have found love next to his new girlfriend with whom he recently showed himself on social media.

Francesco Oppini as it was
Francesco Oppini a long time ago (Credits: Youtube)

Did you remember Francesco at that time?