Francesco Oppini, the son of Alba Parietti is a fury: irrepressible outburst

The very hard outburst via social media by Francesco Oppini: the former gieffino had never appeared so furious, he told everything on Instagram.

After coming out into the open with his new girlfriend and thus formalizing the end of the story with Cristina Tomasini, Francesco Oppini was the protagonist of an unpleasant episode that involved his holidays. The former gieffino was returning from Ibizawhere he has had a beautiful home for years, and what happened has sent him on a rampage.

Francesco Oppini social anger (Credits: Instagram)

Through his profile Instagram, he wanted to make everyone participate in when it was happening: an outburst that will have surprised his many fans, used to seeing him always calm and peaceful. It was precisely the day of August 15th and he was on a flight Rayanair headed to Milan, where he had to return for the new football season that has just begun which will see him again this year as a sports commentator in some programs.

In fact, on Tuesday 16th, as proudly announced by Alba Parietti in a post, Francesco debuted both on La7 Gold than on Pressing. Everything went according to plan, but the previous day for the former competitor’s GF Vip it was a real nightmare. So let’s see what she told via social media.

Francesco Oppini, travel misadventure: the bitter outburst

The 40-year-old who has now become very popular thanks to the journey made in 2020 in the most spied house in Italy, has published Ig stories in which, visibly irritated, he said he was stuck in a plane for more than 90 minutes. To make everything even more unbearable was the lack of air conditioning which, with the high temperatures of these days, represented torture to say the least.

We are a plane of people inc …. very, the flight was supposed to leave at 13.35 but arrived late from Bergamo. S.i are invented, after an hour that we are on the plane with the air conditioning off, that because of someone the slot has been skipped ”, said Oppini in the videos. He then added that the passengers had to go back to the parking lots to get petrol but that nobody actually refueled: “So another plug for the c… lo,” he thundered.

Last but not least, the problems were not lacking even once we landed: ““ We landed with the right delay and, to complete the work, they forgot the minibus. We cannot go on foot. Made 30, it becomes 31 ”, said Francesco on a rampage.

The son of Parietti thus joins the list of VIPs that this summer have been protagonists in spite of themselves bad experiences on low cost flights. In fact, we recall that in recent months Flora Canto and Simona Ventura had complained about the inefficiencies of Wizz Air.

Francesco Oppini vent
Francesco Oppini blurts out on social media (Credits: Instagram)

A mid-August definitely nerve-proof for the well-known sports commentator? By the way, have you followed him on TV?