Francesco Renga is a beloved singer, but do you know what qualification he has? You would never imagine it

Francesco Renga is very much loved, but do you know what qualification he has? This ‘background’ is really imagined in very few.

He is one of the main protagonists of Sunday evening, Francesco Renga. Again among the jury of All Together Now in the company of Anna Tatangelo, J-Ax and Rita Pavone, the beloved singer continues to capture the attention of the Italian public for his charm, but also for the immense objectivity in giving the judges .

Do you know what qualification Francesco Renga has? Photo Source: Instagram

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Born in Udine on June 12, 1968, Francesco Renga made his debut on the music scene in 1984 with his group of the time. It is precisely on this occasion that, however, he meets another band with which he begins an artistic partnership that lasts for about 13 years. Then in 2000 he made his debut as a soloist. And from there his career never stopped. With 14 albums released, the good Renga is among the most loved and appreciated voices of Italian music. Your passion for this artistic field, as we said, began as a child, but what happened to your school career? In particular, Francesco Renga who educational qualification has? Although it is very much loved, we are sure that not everyone is aware of it. Let’s find out the details.

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What educational qualifications does Francesca Renga have? Not everyone knows

Leaving aside the musical and singing career of Francesco Renga, which is known to all, are you curious to know something more about him? Established that he had a passion for music from an early age, what do we know about his educational qualification? What diploma does he have and, above all, has the singer ever earned a degree? We’ll take care of telling you everything!

From what we learn from the web, it would seem that Francesco Renga has obtained a scientific diploma. But not only. Driven by his father to take part in the competition to become part of the Guardia di Finanza, the singer manages to pass the selections, but prefer not to enter to enroll in the Faculty of Economics and Commerce. Very soon, however, the good Francesco abandons this university address to attend the Institute of Design in Milan. However, even this scholastic path is not successful. After some time, in fact, Renga decides to abandon these studies to continue those of music.

Francesco Renga educational qualification
Photo source: Instagram

Would you have ever imagined it?