Francesco speaks after the elimination in Masterchef. Here is the reason for his reaction

Francesco made some statements to Corriere della Sera. The former Masterchef Italia competitor explained the reasons for his reaction

Francis Girardi is one of the most popular contestants of Masterchef Italy during this latest edition. Her dishes have conquered everyone, as well as her story. The words you spoke in the first releases moved the web and also the three judges. The chefs determined that she should go out right during the last episode of the most famous cooking show inItaly and perhaps the world.

Francesco Girardi leaves Masterchef (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

His reaction after the elimination amazed everyone, the January 5th episode was very popular and the most important moment was precisely that of the aspiring chef’s elimination. Girardi made some statements to the Corriere della Sera, describing his experience, both from a culinary and emotional point of view. It will certainly be an experience that he will never forget but it could also be a stepping stone towards the world of cooking.

The competitors of Masterchef Italy they are all amateur cooks, none of them have a restaurant and the experience is not very high. Despite this, sometimes the judges are faced with dishes worthy of a starred restaurant. Also Francis he amazed everyone with some very interesting dishes but last Thursday he made some mistakes and was eliminated. Here’s what he said after the elimination.

Francesco Girardi eliminated in Masterchef: “I can’t keep my mouth shut”

The outburst of Francis Girardithe last contestant eliminated a Masterchef Italydid not go unnoticed. The aspiring chef, killed along with Rachel And Joy, spoke of his experience. Here are his words Corriere della Sera: “I have a great value and a great flaw, I can’t keep my mouth shut and I didn’t do it this time either”. The reference is to the outburst that arrived immediately after the elimination.

Girardi and Cannavacciuolo
Francesco Girardi and Antonino Cannavacciuolo (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

His words divided the web but Francis he specified that he had never rejected the judgment of the three starred chefs: “At that moment I was treated like a professional but we are all amateurs”. The Trentino photographer believes that the judgment of Barbers, Locatelli And Cannavacciuolo was too technical and severe, at least towards him. Hence the particularly abrupt reaction.

“What is happening is true, it is absolutely not a script”he added Francis, which also explained when his passion for cooking was born. He was 18 and had just moved to Cesena: “We were six men in the house and I was the only one with some gastronomic basis”. Francis however, he considered the experience useful a masterchef because he better understood the world of cooking, which he already knew in part thanks to his profession as a photographer, having worked several times on the occasion of events in restaurants.