Francesco Totti, D’Agostino: “He had the courage to tell everyone that he is a cuckold”

The creator of Dagospia at Adnkronos: “He did well to speak because he seemed to be the traitor, I was struck by the pain that transpires from his words”

“When in February I gave the news that the marriage of Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi was at the end of the line, an entire city was unleashed on me. Publishing that news meant going against all of Rome, which has a fervor towards Totti that goes beyond that. for the Pope: rather than saying that Totti was a cuckold, it would have been better if I had touched his mother. I still have a slew of e-mails and insults, Ilary herself, a guest of her friend Toffanin, said they were ‘buckets of shit’. But I’m used to it, when you go up it is clear that the winds are against “. To say it at Adnkronos is Roberto D’Agostinowho was the first, on his website ‘Dagospia’, to reveal to the public the news of the end of the marriage of the most beloved couple in Italian football.

On the day of Francesco Totti’s sensational interview with Corriere della Sera, ‘Dago’ retraces the moments of the scoop. “The fuse was an event that happened in Castel Gandolfo and was picked up by the local press, in which Totti and Ilary had gone with their children to a playground and there had been a big fight between them – recalls D’Agostino -. that point of the scazzo and I said that by now they had reached the end of the line. It was the straw that had made the fateful camel overflow, but the signs of a break had started a long time ago “. In fact, “since February, just six months have passed when I published the announcement that they would make a statement sanctioning the divorce”.

The news, however, reveals the journalist, was known in the environment. “It was like taking off a veil, which many sports newspapers knew very well, but who goes against a person who represents a city?”. The satisfaction “of having done my job well is also accompanied by great sadness”, admits Dago. Sadness “that oozes from every line in that interview”. The impression, reading the interview of the ‘pupone’ with Aldo Cazzullo, is that “I’m used to reading interviews with actors, politicians, where they tell tragedies of all sorts, then you see this interview and feel that it is a different, emotional interview , it is not cerebral, it is not an attempt to catch clik or like, the self-gossip that all well-known personalities now do. In the case of Totti, I was very struck by the pain that transpires from his words. The emotionality I found very strong . One of the few interviews in which one feels the soul is bleeding “.

For the country’s best-known gossip expert, “one can imagine the depression that affects a person who is over 40, has stuck to his shoes, has only lived this life, and now it is found that at a certain point the curtain closes and has the devastating specter of ending up in the shadow. It will be said, with the gains you have made what depression … but the depression is there and there is no aspirin that can save you “. Was Totti right to speak? “Honestly, yes, he did well – says D’Agostino -. Because in some way up to now he was seen as the traitor. And he also had a lot of courage. Basically he said that Totti is a cuckold, this he said. It takes a great deal. courage to say this. In my opinion it will have cost him a lot to play this game, the hardest game of his life “.