Francisca Valenzuela talks about her darkest stage as a singer "I was my own enemy"

The singer and coach of CHV’s The Voice, Francisca Valenzuela, surprised viewers by confessing that her powerful stage persona was not always a part of her life as a singer. Valenzuela talked about her struggle with stage fright and how she managed to overcome it.

Valenzuela, who is recognized for her talent and success in music, revealed in The Voice her darkest stage as a singer. “It took me a long time, years, I’m just beginning now, to understand what it’s like to feel pleasure and connection when you sing,” she confessed.

Lack of self-confidence was the main obstacle for the singer, who confessed that it was difficult for her to overcome stage fright and enjoy her performances in public. “My level of insecurity was so great that it paralyzed me and I lived pure fear, I felt anguish, I wanted the concert to end quickly,” added Valenzuela.

However, the singer managed to overcome her fears and found a way to empower herself on stage. “Thanks to inner work, personal knowledge and learning to love herself with her virtues and defects, she began to empower herself and enjoy the moments giving her talent to those attending her massive concerts,” said the artist and coach of The Voice. .

Valenzuela, who was recently able to develop certain tools and solve problems, recalled the first day she felt pleasure on stage after years of suffering and fear: “I went years without feeling that, I was my own enemy. It was terrible.”

Her story is a powerful message for up-and-coming artists and singers, like competitors on The Voice, who can learn from Valenzuela’s experience and her fight against stage fright. Singer Fran Valenzuela was a Trending Topic on Twitter as soon as The Voice Chile began, and her story continues to inspire many fans and followers of her music.