Franco Terlizzi leaves prison: the former castaway ‘goes to house arrest

Franco Terlizzi, ex boxer and ex ‘castaway’ of the famous Island stopped in the investigation of the Milanese DDA, he obtained the house arrest and thus leaves the Monza prison. This was decided by the investigating judge of Monza, Silvia Pansini, who accepted the requests of the defense, represented by the lawyers Marcello Perillo and Antonino Crea. do not answer – the Monza judge (who retransmitted the documents to Milan) highlights “the serious clues” for the “active and primary role of some of the disputed scams”, but does not validate the arrest and arranges the house arrest in his home in Cologno Monzese given the crimes he is accused of, namely insurance fraud on car accidents and fictitious registration because he would have been the alleged figurehead of Davide Flachi, son of the boss of Comasina, in the management of his body shop in Cormano.

The precautionary requirements for the judge they do not exist. He recognizes the “frequency of the numerous illicit episodes put in place, almost daily, which makes concrete and current and the danger of recurrence, despite the preventive seizure in progress of the Nuova Carrozzeria” and knows well that “the illicit activity in question could be carried out in any other context that the suspect could recreate thanks to friendships, of indubitable and ascertained criminal relief, evidently enjoys “, but considers” the state of censorship of the accused and his lack of involvement in the much more serious and alarming crime that emerged in the proceedings “.

As requested by the defense, the investigating judge “deems to formulate to the state a judgment of the suitability of the self-guarding measure suggested by the defense, which has filed declarations of the family members willing to welcome him and take care of his life and maintenance needs”. Terlizzi therefore returns home and will have to avoid contact with the people involved in the investigation. “We are very satisfied, the investigating judge of Monza has fully resumed the grievances of this morning and this makes us satisfied also because prison would have been too burdensome for those accused of crimes that have nothing to do with weapons and drugs or crimes serious contested to others “, the lawyer comments to the Adnkronos Marcello Perillo who together with his colleague Antonino Crea defends the former ‘castaway’ of the island of the famous.