Frank Miller and Hiro Mashima at Lucca Comics & Games

The publisher Star Comics announces the list of guests for the Tuscan convention

Star Comics has announced the guests who will be present at Lucca Comics & Games, from 1st to 5th November in the Tuscan cities. Particularly on the occasion of 300’s 25th birthday, Star Comics is the new publisher of the works of Frank Miller, the world-famous artist behind Sin City, Batman, Daredevil and many other stories that have shaped the collective imagination. Miller will be present in Lucca for various events and signings from 2 to 4 November. Hiro Mashima, Japanese author known for his works Fairy Tail, Rave and Edens Zero, will be present for the first time in Italy, coinciding with the release of Mashima Hero’s, the crossover that unites the three universes created by the Maestro. Furthermore, Star Comics will present special editions of some of the main works of the renowned mangaka, with exclusive variant covers for Italy. Fans will have the opportunity to participate in copy-signing sessions from November 1 to 4, and attend special presentations where Mashima will discuss his career and showcase his artistic process.

Harvey Award-winning comics superstar Mirka Andolfo recently joined forces with Laura Braga to create Purr Evil, a new horror miniseries with urban fantasy elements set in a world populated by dark forces and evil three-eyed kittens. In addition to numerous meetings and signing copies, at Lucca Comics & Games 2023 Andolfo will also have the pleasure of revealing the dessert created by the Damiano Carrara Atelier and inspired by Paprika, the very famous character created by the Neapolitan cartoonist. Federica Di Meo, the most internationally renowned Italian mangaka, will be present in Lucca on the occasion of the release of ONEIRA: a dark fantasy of French production with a Gothic flavor and setting, written by Cab and drawn by Di Meo. In the world of ONEIRA, people’s nightmares become reality by transforming into creatures of the night that put the stability and security of the population at risk, all in oppressive settings but at the same time full of magnificence and elegance resulting from the illustrator’s style.