Frank Vallelonga Jr has died, he was Tony Lip’s actor in Green Book

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The body of the actor of Green Book, Frank Vallelonga Jr.was found lifeless in front of a sheet metal shop in the Bronx (New York) by the police. The doctors who intervened confirmed the death, without finding signs of trauma: it will be necessary to do an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Initially the man had not been identified, not having the documents with him. According to rumors, in the last few hours a person has been arrested for concealing a body.

Who is the arrested man

US media reported the details of the arrested man, Steven Smith, with several criminal records behind him. A video, now in the hands of the investigators, would show a car stopping next to the curb and unloading the body (later identified as the body of Frank Vallelonga Jr.). The car would belong to Smith’s brother. Who, when questioned by the police, would have said he had found Vallelonga in the grip of an overdose and that I panicked. Smith, later released, is expected to return to court next January.

Vallelonga Jr.’s Career

The 2018 movie Green Book was based on story of the father of the missing actor, a former Copacabana bouncer hired to protect Don Shirley, a black pianist during the 1962 tour. Vallelonga Jr played his father’s brother, Rudy, in the film, while the latter had the face of Viggo Mortensen. Frank’s brother Nick Vallalonga penned the script for Green Book and Mahershala Ali played Mr. Shirley. However Frank Vallelonga Jr. has also done other small roles in TV and cinema such as The birthday cake and his father was also an actor, for example playing the mafia boss Carmine Lupertazzi in the famous series The Sopranos of HBO.