Fratin: ‘Using them to the fullest means saving energy’

“A2A presented the Piedmont territorial sustainability report at a time when we realize how important attention to the environment, to the circular economy, to creating and recovering energy is. All elements that represent A2A’s core business, but which are, even after the pandemic, part of that concept of sustainability that every person must take into consideration, to take a step forward in the quality of their consumption, and this also means making the best use of waste. It means saving energy , collection and creation from all compatible sources of energy “. Thus the Deputy Minister for Economic Development Gilberto Pichetto Fratin.

“It is a set of everything – continues the Deputy Minister of Mise – which presupposes a perception of part of the people, but also the training of young people, and of workers, starting from schools. A challenge that concerns large companies such as A2A, which in Piedmont is one of the most important reference points in the private sector, but also by the institutions “.